Add a Unique Coffee Bar to your Reception

Image by insidious_plots on FlickrHeard about the new trend that brides are incorporating into their weddings? Coffee bars are now all the rage at weddings. It’s a great idea to include if you are a coffee lover and want to include a special way for guests to enjoy their coffee and cake.

What is a coffee bar? It’s a table you set up with different coffees, teas, and hot beverages. It can also have different coffee related toppings like whipped cream or cinnamon or chocolate shavings. The idea is that guests get to stand up, mingle some more at the coffee bar, and are not trapped at their tables waiting for a waitress to bring them a cup of lukewarm coffee.

Everyone loves a coffee bar. It gives guests the freedom to make themselves exactly what they’d like. They can try something exotic or they can get their old favorite. Some brides and grooms choose to have baristas on hand to serve the coffee at the coffee bar. That’s an elegant way to go that really looks classy. But if you don’t have it in the budget, ask your caterer to set up big urns where guests can serve themselves. One urn should have hot coffee; one should have hot water for tea and other drinks. You may want to offer a third urn with decaf coffee clearly marked.

What you decide to put on your coffee bar table is up to you. Some brides like to include coffee-themed desserts like small mocha parfaits or cupcakes. Some like to include chocolate dipped coffee spoons for stirring an extra treat into each cup. You can also personalize the mugs you have at your coffee bar. Some brides offer Styrofoam “To Go” cups with their wedding names and dates on them. Others offer take-home mugs made of porcelain that guests bring home as wedding favors. They can be decorated with one monogrammed initial, the bride and groom’s new last name, or a sentiment of thanks. It’s a nice touch when guests realize they’re meant to take the mug home. If mugs are too expensive, opt to offer other coffee wedding favors such as coffee cup candles, coffee scoops, or even personalized coffee wedding favors.

Offer options for those who don’t drink coffee. Have hot chocolate, ice for making iced coffee or tea, flavored teas and hot cider. You don’t have to go overboard with your offerings. Just one or two flavored drinks like a peppermint hot cocoa for a winter wedding or a mulled cider for a fall wedding are fine.

Coffee Cup Candle FavorsDepending on the time of day you have your wedding, your coffee bar can be just a quick place for guests to stop, or it can be more elaborate. Say you have a morning wedding and your reception follows. Have a coffee bar where guests can go and help themselves while you’re all taking photos. Make it a bit more elaborate with donuts, biscotti, or other light finger treats so that guests aren’t starving by the time you start serving the food.

If you have a break in the time of your ceremony and the reception, that’s a perfect time to offer a coffee bar. If the ceremony ends at 4:00 but dinner isn’t until 7:00, give guests something to munch on. They can sit in the hotel lobby and sip their coffee before dinner.