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Anytime you have a party, it's nice to know who attended. When you look back on the party later in life, you'll have a record of who was there, and their names and well wishes will be written in their own handwriting for you to relive the memories. Having a way to record signatures and well wishes is a must for a wedding, and we've collected many different guests books for your ceremony or reception to do just that. Choose from classic leather bound white books to contemporary designs in bold colors and shapes. Or use one of our framed mats that can be a great way to display the signatures around a cherished wedding photo.

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Wedding Guest Book Alternative - Globe
Elegant Vintage Rose Guest Book
Gatefold Large Wedding Guest Book (up to 1000 signatures)
Shimmering Starfish Wedding Guest Book
Guest Book Alternative Set with 48 Wish Cards and Gold Geome
Geometric Glass Tray Wedding Guest Book Alternative in a Wat
Woodland Baby Shower Guest Book Alternative with Ink Pad
Baby Elephant Canvas Baby Shower Guest Book Alternative with
Memorial Guest Book Alternative Sign in Set
Personalized Wedding Guest Book Alternative - Map
Geometric Gold Edge Mirrored Tray Wedding Guest Book Alterna
White Wedding Guest Book with Rhinestones
Wooden Hearts for Guest Book Alternative (Set of 75)
(as low as $0.14 each)
Wedding Tree Guest Book Alternative Signing Tree with Green
Seaside Ivory Guestbook & Pen Set
Off White Satin Handmade Flower Wedding Guest Book
Minimalist Simple Elegant Chic White Wedding Registry Guest
Botanical and Geometric Guest Book with Gold Accents
Gold Double Heart Themed Wedding Accessory Set
Ivory and Pink Lace Wedding Guest Book with Silver and Rhine
Brown Satin Wedding Set
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We interviewed our Guest Books expert, Wayne Gurnick of Moments By Wayne, to answer a few of the most common questions he gets:

What is a wedding guest book?

Traditionally a wedding guest book is a beautiful book that is signed as guests arrive. Guests will write a simple note and sign their names so the couple will have an archival record of who attended their wedding.

This "Guest Book" has over the years become so much more than this, with so many ways to commemorate who has attended the wedding. Today's guest book has become a creative outlet for couples to show their style and flair. It take many different forms. The guest book can be as simple as small note cards for marriage advice from the guests, such as, "Advice and wishes for the new Mr. & Mrs.," and as elaborate as a full size engagement image of the couple that the guests sign their names directly onto, which is eventually framed and hung in a prominent location at home.

Creativity in guest book design has become extremely widespread. A favorite coffee table book, for example, can become the latest guest book. You can select a book that is meaningful and have guests sign anywhere inside, and enjoy it later by placing it on a coffee table at home. Another idea is to use one champagne bottle and four wine bottles and have guests sign them with permanent ink pens, opening one wine bottle for each of the first four anniversaries and the champagne bottle for the fifth anniversary.
 Be sure to read all the signatures before opening each!

One of my favorite ideas is a table full of gourmet chocolates and custom note cards with the flavors noted on them to match the guest’s chocolate selection as "Sweet Inspiration." The couple will know which flavor was the inspiration for the note that the guest wrote. Another guest book could be a custom made bench that each guest signs. After the wedding, a clear varnish can be used to cover the bench so the written words and names are preserved permanently.

The best guest book is something that is created and personal to the couple! Take a look at all the creative options that Wedding Favors Unlimited has - it will be easy to find the perfect one! 

What do you put in a wedding guest book?

Definitely signatures from the guests in attendance - this becomes an action station for them. However, it is important to get creative. Any type of notes from guests should be included, as they will serve as a reminder for many years to come just who attended and their thoughts, wishes and advice.

Polaroid cameras can be placed beside the book so that guests can take a quick picture of themselves and sign them and place them in the book. The best thing is to keep it simple and something that the guests can do quickly as they arrive or during the cocktail hour.

How much does a wedding guest book cost?

The book itself is very reasonably priced and can be found at many online sites (Wedding Favors Unlimited does have a beautiful selection at very reasonable prices) and/or retailers for as little as a journal cost of $15.00 USD. I always suggest spending more on this as it becomes an archival journal to save and cherish as years go by.

Custom guest books can cost into the hundreds of dollars. There is also a price range for every budget. Just remember that it doesn’t have to be a book in the strict sense of the word! For one wedding some time ago, we included a four inch square piece of ivory fabric in each invitation and asked guests to be creative with how they wanted to write or create a design on the fabric. (They were required to include their names on it.) They were to return the piece of fabric with their RSVP and we created a quilted piece of art that was displayed at the wedding and then framed and hung in the couple’s home later. This was a nice way to include all guests that were invited even if they were not able to attend.

Are wedding guest books necessary?

This is where I have a strong opinion about what is necessary for a wedding, and I speak with my clients all the time about it. There are really only three things necessary for a wedding: the two people that are the couple to be wed and the officiant. With that said, there is also what our society and various cultures and traditions dictate. And then there is what the couple wants and desires to include.

Our "wedding world" is very noisy and it is important for couples to be true to themselves and not get caught up in what the world says is necessary. There are plenty of ways to have an incredible wedding and it is important to create memories and document history for generations to enjoy. If that means that a guest book should be included for some and for others not, then it is perfectly fine to have one (or not). My Wedding Words of Wisdom are to create a wedding that is reflective of the two people that are getting married ,live the day to the fullest, and as a very good friend of mine said to me once - take mental pictures!

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