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Brides Tell us: How to Announce Your Elopement

Image by briannaorg on Flickr

Brides have been telling us for years: We wish we eloped. But how to announce your elopement isn't very clear. Brides don't just go out and yell: I ANNOUNCE ELOPEMENT! (Although some grooms probably would). So we spoke to 10 brides who recently eloped and they shared with us their elopement announcement ideas.
First, why Elope? The cost of hosting a wedding can be astronomical and some couples opt to save that money and put a deposit on a house instead. There are many reasons for eloping, and it’s entirely up to the couple whether they sneak off and get married or not. It’s not as taboo as it once was to announce that you’re already married. Most relatives and friends won't have hurt feelings. They've been patient waiting this long for you to get married, they can be patient a little longer,. Even if you were originally planning on having a big wedding, you can still elope if you haven’t done much of the planning or given deposits yet.
So, how do you announce an elopement?
Couples and brides tell give us a few tips . These aren't your obvious wedding announcements, but there are some similarities. Think about your style. Are you very formal, fun and festive, or a little of both? If your personalities are more inclined to be spontaneous, your friends and family probably will not be shocked if you announce you have eloped. If this is something totally out of character, it might require a little more detail on your part. You can do a formal card, or you can do a postcard! 
Many couples choose to do a semi-elopement. This type of elopement includes the moms and dads of the bride and groom and maybe a sister or brother. It’s more of an acceptable thing to do in some families if you don’t leave out the closest family members. Your third cousin from upstate New York will have to understand that you just ran off, but your mother may never forget it if you exclude her.
If you are planning a semi-elopement, send out a simple announcement. Purchase a nice wedding invitation pack from a card store or online. They can have a elopement announcement wording, or they can simply have typical wedding invitation theme. Include wording in your hand written invite to just your closest friends and family so they know that you’re having a simple elopement and that you couldn’t imagine it without them.
How do I tell everyone else about my elopement?  Brides tell us, for the rest of the family and your friends, a letter announcing that you’re married is all you really need to send. Type it up on nice stationery (wedding announcement wording is optional) and include some photos in the document. You can easily add photos by scanning them into your computer. Everyone will see that it was just the six of you (or however many) and they won’t feel so left out. If you'd like, social media can be a great place to make an elopement announcement. In our survey of 10 brides, only 3 of them made an elopement wedding announcement via social media. It's ok. The elopement is your special day, not anyone else's.
Brides tell us: Don’t send a letter if you are planning on having a reception at a later date. This is where you will have to use some finesse. You don’t want it to appear that you excluded anyone from the reception, but you want guests to know they’re invited to share in the festivities. If you ran off to the beach you can word it something like this. “Megan and Robert invite you to share in their wedding reception. They were married in a private ceremony at Laguna Beach on April 11th. They now wish to celebrate with their beloved family members and friends at The Redwood Club….”

Destination weddingBrides tell us: You don’t have to go overboard with the explanations. Obviously, they will know that only a few people were invited to the actual ceremony no matter how you word it, so get that detail out of the way and then tell them how excited you are to share your good news and new future at a party with them.

Brides tell us: You can have your post-elopement wedding reception invitations printed just the same way you would your wedding invitations. The wording is the only thing that needs to be different.  You may want to include a casual photo of the wedding ceremony so people can get a look at your wedding day even if they weren’t there.

Brides tell us: Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed that you chose to elope and not invite everyone to a big ceremony. It’s your choice and you had the type of wedding you wanted. Just be sure to mail out your reception invitations a few days after your ceremony so people don’t feel too left out. They can look forward to and plan to attend your reception if you’re having one.  How you announce it is up to you.

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How to Recreate Meghan Markle’s Wedding Favor Goody Bag

Royal Wedding Gift Bags

Photo courtesy of dksesh

What Was in the Royal Wedding Bag?

The royal wedding captivated millions around the world as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared their vows on the long-awaited day. It was a modern-day fairy tale, transforming Meghan from a well-known celebrity to a beloved princess. The royal wedding is an occasion to be remembered for decades. To emphasize this point, the gift bags provided at the wedding have been garnering numerous bids on sites such as eBay and as a result, selling for extravagant prices. What wedding favors did these bags include?

1) A Welcome Letter

Royal Wedding Gift Bag Ideas

Adding a welcome letter to their wedding gift bag was a fantastic, personal touch. Though the guests present at the castle were likely already greatly honored to be there, the letter showed further gratitude for the individuals who wanted to wish the royals well on their big day. A welcome letter shares warmth and goodwill.

2) Customized Windsor Castle Water

Meghan Markle Wedding Bag Idea

Even the smallest items feel extravagant when they come from the royal family! Including a custom labeled water bottle is a practical gift with a fancy twist, which is exactly what most people appreciate in a wedding favor.

3) A Customized Chocolate Coin

Meghan Markle Wedding Gift Bags

Including an oversized chocolate coin with the gift bag surely brought joy to all the guests. Not only does this provide a sweet treat, but it is unique in its large size and customization, making it memorable and appreciated. Chocolate coins bring out our inner child and what better occasion than at one of the happiest events: a fairy tale wedding!

4) A Fridge Magnet

Royal Wedding Party Favors

This may seem like a basic gift, but how many people actually sport customized magnets in their kitchens from the royals? This was a creative touch to the goody bag as it resembles a souvenir and will serve a practical purpose while reminding guests of where it originated and of the couple who selected it for their special event.

5) Shortbread

Royal Wedding Party Favor Ideas

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t enjoy shortbread, and this may be especially true among the British. Shortbread is a light treat and a true compliment to the wedding festivities. This is a fantastic idea as the shortbread was baked specifically for the guests that day, which honors them for their presence, and provides a tasty snack afterward.

6) 20% Off Coupon for the Windsor Castle Gift Shop

Meghan Markle Wedding Party Favors

We imagine most of the guests would enjoy selecting a souvenir from the Windsor Castle gift shop as a memory of their esteemed trip to the wedding. As they would likely be stopping by already, it would be exciting to find a coupon for the shop in their gift bag! It’s always wonderful to save a few dollars, especially when travel has already been involved for an event. It is touching that the royal couple recognized this!

How to Recreate the Bag

Gift Bag Ideas Royal Wedding

There’s no ignoring the delicate class and creativity of Meghan & Harry’s wedding goody bag. It was thoughtful, creative, and practical. Beyond that, it was beautiful, and certainly a treat for those honored to attend the nuptials. If you have an upcoming wedding or party and would like to take inspiration from Meghan Markle’s wedding decor, we have a few ideas for recreating the bag!

The Gift Bag

Royal Wedding 2018 Gift Bags

To start, you’ll want to decide on the perfect bag for your occasion. Naturally, if you are planning this bag for a wedding favor, something white and delicate would certainly work well. You could even consider a custom bag with the bride’s and groom’s names or a sweet quote about love. If, however, you are planning a birthday party or a similar occasion, consider something cheerful and colorful to add a splash of fun. Finally, for either situation, you’ll want a bag that feels fairly strong, but not bulky.

Personalized Water

Royal Wedding 2018 Gift Bag Ideas

Meghan & Harry’s personalized water bottle was a fun and practical gift. Everyone could use water, and it’s truly not very common to find a customized label on bottled water! Your guests will fondly remember your party or wedding and appreciate the inspired favor.

Personalized Chocolate

Favor for Royal Wedding

How fun would it be to open your bag after an event you’ve attended and find chocolate with personalized wrappers? The smallest details can make the greatest impression, and that’s certainly true with customized chocolate. It’s always fun to see the extra effort that the host put into their event. Mere chocolate would be a great wedding favor, but personalization certainly brings it up a notch!

Personalized Edible Favors

Edible Royal Wedding Favors

Perhaps you like the idea of personalized chocolate, but you’d like to take it a step further with unique edible wedding favors. Though your thoughts may initially drift to candy, there are numerous other options available! How about personalized miniature bags of coffee, tea, or cocoa? You could even include a lemonade mix, cocktail mix, or set of cookies! A nice sweet treat with your personalized event and/or names will certainly impress your guests and create a cohesive feel for your gift bag.

Deck of Cards

Unique Royal Wedding Favors

It’s always fun to have a deck of cards sitting around! Almost everyone enjoys playing cards, so it can be a nice surprise to find a deck of cards in a gift bag. You could even choose a unique set to help them stand out, such as vintage cards or custom designs. Perhaps choose a fancy set, such as with gold foil touches or wedding-themed cards. Any of these would certainly stand out to your guests and they won’t find these cards anywhere else. What a fun way to remember your event!


Unique Royal Wedding Favors

Meghan & Harry included a fridge magnet in their gift bag, so why not add a magnet to your own? The key here would be to make sure it is a custom and unique magnet so it’s something your guests are happy to receive. Magnets can occasionally come off as tacky when they are generic, so choose something special. Perhaps a magnet such as this boat wheel would be cute to go along with a wedding!

Bottle Opener

Useful Royal Wedding Favors

Where is a bottle opener when you need one? They always seem to be missing, or hidden away in the dark recesses of the drawer you hardly open. To that effect, a bottle opener would be a surprisingly practical and well-received wedding favor! Nearly everyone could always use one, and something fun like these pineapple-designed bottle openers will come off as creative and original!

5 Ways Parents can help Brides from going Wedding Crazy

Planning a wedding may be romantic and beautiful, but it can also be a very stressful process. Also, there are a few small things parents can do to make the event a little bit easier for the bride to make her a happy bride. Here we highlight the wedding etiquette and what the bride really wishes her parents would do to stop her from going crazy. Parents can help with weddings in so many ways!


The Parents

1. Be honest about finances

Parents are under no obligation to make a cash contribution to their child's wedding. In modern times, brides and their grooms tend to be financially established and able to cover costs of their own weddings. Although, parents need to feel obligated to start the conversation about contributions they intend to make towards the big day. It can be awkward to request for money, but not to offer it, so the bride to be might be afraid of bringing it up. At the earliest opportunity, let the couple know your plans to contribute, and how much. Also, tell them if it's a gift or loan.

If making a contribution won't be possible, the bride to be will understand, and may already be aware of the reasons for that. In such a situation, a parent can offer to give her wedding gifts or help make the day special in some other ways, maybe by baking the wedding cake, or hosting the engagement or rehearsal dinner at your home, or volunteering to help in any way the bride would like.

2. Offer to help

A wedding is a warm celebration of two people's love and their lives coming together, but the special day can be stressful for the bride. There are loads of details to monitor, and wedding guests to keep happy. It's simply a lot for the bride to handle. You can regularly call to see if they need a hand, and particularly in the final weeks when the bride will have a lot to do.  Getting a cake topper for her or making sure the wedding favors are all ready to go are easy things.  Keep it general. Ask if they need some help and allow them to assign a task to you.

3. It’s not about you.

Although this may seem contradictory since you have offered to help, allow the couple know your financial contribution, beyond this? Stay out of it. It doesn't matter if you will be paying for the wedding in its entirety, it's not your day. You may feel some of their ideas for the wedding doesn't meet your expectations, but whatever it is, it's their choice. Respect that. Wedding etiquette demands that you let them have their day as you once did. As mentioned, the process of wedding planning is stressful enough; don't make what should be a lovely experience negative by meddling.

Be sure to listen carefully when discussing with the bride about the wedding preparations to find out if they want your opinion; if they don't, do not give it. When the bride shows you, one of. The wedding items with a grin and asks " what do you think?" "It's wonderful" is the only correct answer. If they ask you with a skeptical look, you should answer "No, really — what's on your mind?" then go ahead and give your opinion.

4. Avoid family politics.

Don't drag the bride into the middle of any family politics, and — if possible— keep them far away from it. For instance, if your daughter asks her birth father to walk her to the aisle rather than her step-father, understand and respect that decision — she will have already given it a lot of thought before she made her decision. Feuding aunts? Keep her out of it, though you can discreetly advise them to place those aunts seats away from each other.

Also, during the preparations and particularly on the wedding day (and beyond the wedding day), ensure you get along with your child's in-laws. There is nothing a happy bride would like to watch more than her parents and in-laws getting along on a special day.

5. Get outfit approval.

The bride may have a unique outfit in mind for her parents, so before you pick your wedding day attire, ensure that you run the outfit by the happy bride. There are various online wedding forums full of brides worried about how to tell their moms that they don't really want her wearing a particular outfit to their wedding. Other brides are aiming for a specific dress code that their parents as star guests of their wedding should ensure to follow. Even if you are certain that the ballgown you wore for your wedding is fine to wear, still check in with them first. Fathers can also feel free to inquire if they should wear a tie with a particular color. This is a good question because the couple may want their fathers in coordinating ties with buttonholes or even whole outfit. They may also have more casual plans and not want you a suit and tie.

Do you recall the scene in the classic film "The Wedding Planner" where the Jennifer Lopez coordinator character needed to hide the mother of the bride's "lucky microphone" to keep her from singing at the wedding reception? Yeah, do not be that parent. Weddings ceremonies bring people together from all walks of life from the bride and her groom's lives, including colleagues and school friends and maybe even bosses. Also, no matter how fun-loving or easygoing your child is, they may not want certain things to be shared in front of all these people.

If you are called upon to give a speech at the wedding reception, do not embarrass the bride — or anyone else. Wondering whether to include an anecdote or a particular joke? Ask the bride. Yes, the bride and her groom— not your partner, or the best man, but the couple themselves. Keep it clean, keep it swearing-free, and keep it inoffensive. Also, check your alcohol intake regularly, and not just before your speech. Smashed parent is a terrible look for the wedding. The best wedding gifts you can give is your support and love.

Unique Gifts for Bridesmaids in 2018

We scoured the internet to share the 5 most unique gifts for Bridesmaids in 201u that we've come across. Yes, you can stop hunting now!

As a woman who has or who is about to walk down the aisle, you know best the importance of your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids are with you all the way; sharing your excitement and helping you through the planning stage of the wedding. They are with you during the fitting of your gown, and they help with the choice of flowers and décor and finally, they walk you through the actual big day and cry and celebrate with you. These ladies are the unsung heroes of any wedding process.

It only makes sense to thank these ladies for taking their time, despite their busy schedules, to attend to your wedding needs. With a variety of items that could be gifts, it may be challenging to discern which gift fits who. You do not have to worry anymore though, as we have compiled a list of suggestions that will help you appreciate your beautiful, thoughtful friends. With these gifts, your bridesmaids will remember you and your special day for a long time to come. The best part is, these gifts can act as a simple thank you or as unique gifts to your maid of honor and bridesmaids.

  1. Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts - Tote Bag

    tote bags for weddings
    Tote bags are known for their versatility and functionality. These handheld bags are easy to handle and can reflect a person’s style. Women love tote bags, so why not choose some from our large variety and make their day? These bags are some of the unique bridal party gifts that you can offer to your bridesmaids, and they will always remember you for it. They will love the tote bags, even more, when it comes as a gift from their friend who just had a wedding.

    These bags will come in handy, especially for your big day when the bridesmaids need to carry their essentials from one place to another. Our tote bags are well designed, beautiful and can be customized to suit the needs and preferences of your bridesmaids and the maid of honor. They can be personalized in various ways, for instance, with a monogram, an initial or name, making them the perfect, unique gift for bridesmaids. Because of their functionality, your bridesmaids will get to use the tote bags long after the wedding.

  2. Cosmetic and Jewelry Bags

    bridesmaids gifts
    Cosmetic and jewelry bags are handy items for your bridesmaids. They are used to hold cosmetics and jewelry and sometimes, even small accessories such as earphones. The bags are designed in a way that they will keep the contents safe and stable. With these cosmetic bags, your bridesmaids will not have to wonder where they left their eye pencil or mascara. These bags are among the unique bridal party gifts that your girls will always remember you for.

    Our cosmetic bags are beautiful, unique and will suit your bridal line-up. The ladies will be fussing over these bags as they come in various designs and can be custom-made so that each of the ladies in the team gets exactly what they want or expect. You even have the option of making the maid of honor’s bag stand out from the rest. You can do this, for instance, by letting us embroider the bag with words such as “maid of honor” and “bridesmaid” on the side as can be seen in the pictures. This helps us produce gifts that both you and your bridal party will love.

  3. Wedding Day Satin Robes for Bridesmaids

    bridesmaids robes
    Satin robes are yet another of the unique gifts for bridesmaids. Just imagine how good it would feel to curl up on your sofa or even bed in a satin robe. Imagine the glamorous and elegant look of a satin robe on you. You can gift your bridesmaids with our satin robes, and they will thank you for it. If you are doing a search for some of the unique bridal gifts you can offer to your bridesmaids; then your search is over.

    Our satin robes are beautifully made in an array of beautiful colors and are suitable for not only your bridesmaids but for you as well. You can rest assured knowing that the robes are crafted from 100% poly satin. You also have the option customizing by having the gowns embroidered to your specifications, be it a particular block initial, name or monogram. The gowns also come in different sizes, so you will not miss something that suits every one of your bridesmaids.

  4. Clothing Gifts for Bridesmaids

    bridesmaids gift robe
    Owning a luxurious plush robe is an idea most women would cherish, so why not gift your girls with them? This is a gift that your girls will always cherish long after your wedding is over. Every time they wear the robe on a chilly morning or evening, the memories will flood back to the day you presented the gift to them and the wedding itself.

    Our plush robes are made in a way that your bridesmaids will love. The velvet material and shawl collar make it the ideal robe for relaxing. Our robe is also made with two pockets and a tie closure that makes it comfortable for you and your bridesmaids. The robe can be personalized according to your specifications. This means that we can embroider an initial or a name for you according to the thread colors you want. There is also a wide variety of colors to choose from, so there is something for everybody.

  5. Food and Bar Gifts

    Now call us crazy, but food baskets go a long way...and are something they wouldn't expect.  There is a wide array of food and bar gifts that you can present to your bridesmaids to say thank you. Food and bar gifts show appreciation and make the person who is receiving it know that they are important to you. Some of our favorite ideas include the chocolate and coffee basket pictured above.  Other ideas include treats for her whole family or to last her through the week, like fresh fruit.   SSending food and bar gifts to your bridesmaid makes them know that you appreciated and valued their time and effort. This can be done after the wedding and thank you notes can be sent alongside gift baskets. The gift baskets include chocolate and sweet gift baskets (most women love chocolate), wine gift baskets, bar ware gifts and fruit basket gifts.

    Well, these are some of the top ideas that we think will help you appreciate your girlfriends for their time and effort towards your big day. Feel free to tell us in the comment section which is your favorite and if you have any other ideas, or how it went with any of the gifts we recommended. We would love to hear from you. You can sign up with us to learn more about gifts for different occasions.


6. Manicure Sets

manicure set for bridal party gift



Cheap Groomsmen Gifts - The Largest List on the Internet

112 Cheap Groomsmen Gifts to Gift

You're too busy to hunt for Cheap Groomsmen Gifts, so we did it for you.  Cheap doesn't have to mean worthless.  There are tons of cool toys that buds would actually want.  Here are 111 gifts for grooms to consider.

There are a couple of main themes to think about:  Do your groomsmen drink (aggressively?).  Are they more the handy type?  Or are they dads (and need a cooler for their car)?  We've looked high and low for everything under the sun.  Some of these are obvious (money clips), some aren't (personalized decanter).  I'm sure you'll find one they'll appreciate (and actually use).

(Not a groom?  Send this to the groom!)

Cheap Groomsmen Gifts
Personalized Initial Decanter

Cheap Groomsmen Gifts
Personalized Moscow Mule Copper Mug


Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

Glass Flask - Old School Personalized Vintage

A mini-baseball bat personalized with their name - 18"

Perfect for anyone that lives out of their car and personalized for only $37: A Cooler Duffle

Personalized Pin Stripe Cufflinks



Monogrammed Brass Square Cufflinks

This Flask and Zippo Lighter set are personalized with your buddy's name. 

Personalized Cooler that's perfect for dispensing beers

Mens Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag


Open Cooler Bags (Personalized and with 15 Different colors to choose from)


For the Cigar Fan a Personalized Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor


Engraved Pocket Knife with Light




Engraved Leather Backed Money Clip (4 Colors)




Dice Cup Personalized with Initials












Engraved Stainless Cigar Case and Flask

Engraved case for Cigars

No really, this is apparently a top seller Since your groomsmen will wear natty socks: $7


Personalized Leather Wallet & Money Clip






Multi-Purpose Tool


Personalized Irish Beer Bar Sign. Put it in the pictures. $33.82



Personalized Cigar Case Flask & Zippo Lighter



For the fancy friends who are stylish, this decanter has a wood stopper and makes a cheap groomsman gift:



 Camouflage Grillmaster Apron




For the GYM MASTERS get them personalized Duffle bags in Red or Black


Personalized Multi-tool Kit



Personalized Midnight Pocket Watch



A box of beer and cigar stuff


A wine Cooler


Cufflinks Aint a bad idea

You can make this and other things at home.  Will still cost you about $40 each groomsmen


Haha, no guy shops on Easy, but this one is a gem.



Set of 11 Personalized Bottle Opener Key Chain -Laser Engrave



Whoa, fancy knives!


Shot Flask

Brilliant. From our friends at Fab



More Cufflinks! https://www.sunfrog.com/Names/TEAM-STEFFES-LIFETIME-MEMBER-jfmtteyryq.html?60505

Enough Said


More Shirts: tp://www.comicvine.com/forums/gen-discussion-1/wedding-comic-books-730473/


Silver & Gold Mens Superhero Novelty Star Trek Wedding Party Shirt Cufflinks

On EBAY! haha http://r.ebay.com/MbKdjT


Superhero Flasks...on Etsy