Bridal Shower Candy Bar Memory Game

If you are looking for a fun laugh-out-loud bridal shower game, look no further. This game has gotten rave reviews to tons of bridal shower guests. The goal of the game is to match wedding related phrases together – the person that makes the match will receive a candy bar that represents the same wedding related phrase. You’ll need to have a large poster board or piece of foam core that you can hang on the wall for all the shower guests to see. Create a 5 column by 6 row game board using a straight edge and a sharpie. You’ll have 15 wedding phrases (choose them to the list below) with each phrase written in two of the squares so that you have phrase pairs. Mix the phrases all up and randomly place them in the squares to make the game grid. Carefully place a post-it note with a number over each square (1 – 30) so that the phrases are completely covered. That way when a guest has her turn, she can call out numbers and the host or game moderator can lift up the post it note to expose the phrases.

To start the game, have the guests sit in a circle so that they can all clearly view the board. Play the game like a classic kid’s game of memory. The first guest calls out two numbers and the post-its are lifted by the moderator or host to see if a phrase match is revealed. If it is, the guest receives the corresponding candy bar and the next guest is up. If it is not a match, the next guest in line goes for their turn. And so on. When all the matches have been made, the game is over.

Choose your wedding related phrases to the list below. Be sure to buy the corresponding candy bars to hand out as bridal shower favors and prizes at the shower. Have fun!

  • The Bride – Hot Tamale
  • The Groom – Mr. Goodbar or Big Hunk
  • The Bride & Groom – Sweet Tarts
  • Groomsmen – 3 Musketeers
  • Bridesmaids – Airheads
  • Flower Girl & Ring Bearer – Runts or Junior Mints
  • Wedding Ring – Ring Pop
  • Wedding Night – SKOR
  • The Reception – 100 Grand
  • Reception Departure – Fast Break
  • Honeymoon – Good & Plenty
  • Bride’s Honeymoon Cry – O’Henry
  • Tie the Knot - Twizzlers
  • Bachelor Party Pranks – Twix
  • Warm Embraces – Hershey Hugs
  • Dream House Location – Park Avenue
  • Church Location – 5th Avenue
  • The Parents – Lifesavers
  • Father of the Bride – Sugar Daddy
  • Wedding Photos – Treasures
  • 1st Wedding Dance – Symphony
  • Honeymoon Memory – Baby Ruth
  • Post-wedding Bank Account – Zero
  • The First Year – Rocky Road
  • Wedding Gifts – Mounds

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