Decorating for your Las Vegas Wedding

Choosing decorations for your Las Vegas Wedding may be nearly as much fun as the wedding itself!  With so many colors and sub-themes to choose to, you will certainly be able to find a style that fits your wedding plans perfectly.

If you've decided to use the phrase "Lucky in Love" as part of your wedding, decorating with dice or slot machines are a good match.  You can create a large slot machine backdrop that shows three hearts across the payline, with the bride and groom's names filling the hearts.  You can also find slot machine bubble gum machines that are personalized with your names and wedding date.

Another phrase that works well with slot machines is "We've Hit the Jackpot".  If you want to decorate with dice, then start off with a white or red tablecloth, then decorate with black dots to indicate the spots on a pair of dice.  Cleverly display your table numbers by using photos or reproductions of each number on a set of dice.

Another fun decorating theme for your Vegas wedding is "The Winning Pair".  This pair can apply to cards or dice.  Apply place cards to the back of a playing card for a fun way to lead their guests to their table.  Decorate your buffet line with pairs of each food item - two bowls of salad, two trays of bread, etc.  You may even want to decorate your wedding cake with a winning pair of cards!


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Peggy Sigwald
Peggy Sigwald

The gift box with the hearts as shown on the page above is what we are interested in for our daughter's Vegas themed wedding. I didn't see the completed box on your website. Do you have a box with the hearts already on it?


Hi Peggy,
Unfortunately that item was discontinued in 2011. I apologize for the inconvenience.