Chocolate Brown & Aqua Blue Weddings

One of the hottest trends for 2009 are weddings that incorporate a chocolate brown and aqua blue (or Tiffany blue) color scheme.  Because of its popularity, you can find many choices for bridesmaid attire, wedding ceremony accessories and reception supplies within the color scheme.  Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some of our favorite resources for brown and blue wedding items.  The biggest lesson we've learned well putting together this series of posts is that you should always get samples because the variation in blue color can be dramatic.  What one website calls turquoise can differ significantly to what another website or vendor calls turquoise.

One of the best sources for inspiration was this board that we found at My Personal Artist.  We love this montage of photos because it gives examples of just about everything you'll need for your chocolate and blue wedding including wedding favors, cake, bridal jewelry, invitations and so much more. Be sure to visit My Personal Artist to get a look at some of their invitations that fit in perfectly with an aqua blue and chocolate brown wedding theme.

We hope that this board has sparked your creativity and made you think about choosing a chocolate and blue color scheme for your wedding!  Next up... bridesmaid dresses and flowers for a chocolate brown and aqua blue wedding.

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