Beautiful Butterfly Wedding Cakes

Dessert is my favorite meal of the day, so I had a great time conducting research on my favorite butterfly wedding cakes!  With the huge variety of color schemes, cake shapes and decorating details it was hard to pick just one favorite so I narrowed it down to the six choices shown here.  All photos can be found at


Cake #1 - Monarchs on Display - This is a 5-tier square cake, covered in white fondant and sprinkled with paper butterflies.  The cake was made by 'wickedcakechick'.

Cake #2 - Handpainted Springtime Cake - This 3-tier round cake is also covered in white fondant, but is then hand painted with butterflies, dragonflies and springtime flowers.  The delicate painting makes this cake shared by mattandshantelle a stunning work of art!

Cake #3 - Green Butterflies - I love square cakes, and this 3-tier beauty is simply elegant!  Each tier is covered in fondant, wrapped with sheer and satin ribbons, then accented with green lace butterflies that appear to be floating over the tiers.  The cake was made by More Cake.


Cake #4 - Butterfly Flurry - My favorite part of this cake is the all-edible swarm of blue and white butterflies wrapping around the 5 tiers of fondant-covered cake.  The darker blue accents add a refreshing bit of boldness and makes the cake less feminine.  Jamie Anderson displays this cake on her Flickr site.

Cake #5 - Shades of Brown - I love this three-tier cake, made with trendy wedding colors, covered with two colors of fondant and a multitude of white sugar butterflies.  The splashes of dark brown matched the bridesmaid dresses and tied in perfectly with the reception decorating.  The initial wedding cake topper was simply perfect for this modern creation.  Cake by arteatsbakery.

Cake #6 - Hand Painted Perfection - Another hand painted beauty, this three-tiered cake is topped with a simple china teacup filled with flowers.  The delicate lace edging is all frosting, as is the "paint" used to draw the butterflies and flowers.  I love the three-dimensional flowers and the bright colors used on the designs.  This cake - decorated by Temeraire - won first prize in the wedding cake division at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2008.

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