Calla Lily Wedding Cakes

When searching for stunning wedding cakes to highlight in my posts, I usually try to keep it to 6 cakes or less.  However, I found such variety and beauty in my search for calla lily cakes that I had a hard time even cutting my selections down to the top 9.  So here they are:


The first cake would be perfect for a fall wedding! More than a dozen handmade calla lilies float along the side of the cake, and a design is pressed onto the buttercreme frosting to create a lace appearance.  This stunning layered cake displayed on Flickr by flourgirl2007 is accented with brown lace piping and dots.

The center cake is a square layered design by Angel Contreras with red fondant drape and calla lilies molded out of gum paste.  The couple celebrates their Asian heritage with a double happiness cake top.  I think the skewed layering and diamond pattern impressed into the fondant adds texture and style to this cake.

The final design seen above is another awesome fall option by luckybear_013181.  The calla lilies are rolled sugar designs that are hand painted to recreate their natural beauty.  The layers are bordered with pearls and detailed with hand piped designs.  A peach ribbon floats around the cake that is finished with a brushed silver cake top.


The floating cake shown above left is one of my favorites wedding cakes ever!  The cakes appear to wrap around a tall glass vase of purple calla lilies.  Each white layer has a detailed yellow design piped around the side.  Complex details are not necessary for this cake by susanrcp because the illusion provides drama and beauty.

The center cake displayed on Vanessa's Cakes Flickr site is also one of my favorites because I'm a big fan of color splashes on a cake.  The cascading calla lilies are made out of rolled sugar, then dried, hand painted and dusted with colored sugar to give a realistic appearance.  The layers are covered in buttercreme and edged with a simple design.  Each layer of this cake can be a different flavor to please your most discerning guests.

The third cake shown above is truly an artistic creation!  The square layers are covered in fondant, then wrapped with burgundy fondant ribbon.  The sugar calla lilies on top are a perfect match to the hand painted designs that spill down the cake and onto the cake board.  It takes a patient and careful decorator like Karen Portaleo of Highland Bakery to attempt this type of cake, since the slightest mis-stroke cannot be covered up!


The regal blue and gold cake created and displayed on Flickr by macesicnada was for her daughter's wedding.  Her daughter married a military man, so the blue color and bow tie decorations were inspired by his military background.  The towering cake was topped with a cluster of sugar flowers - calla lilies and forget-me-nots.

The center cake is a crisp white layered design, accented with green ribbon and delicate calla lilies made out of rolled sugar and tinted with edible paint.  The couple's monogram was piped onto the top layer and each round cake was wrapped with a white satin ribbon.  I love the simplicity of the design and the whimsical appeal of the green ribbons.  This cake is displayed on Flickr by CAKE Chester.

The final cake I chose would be perfect for an outdoor or Spring wedding.  Each layer is covered in ivory fondant, then bordered with a deep purple ribbon.  The handmade calla lilies are gum paste and are brushed with edible purple paint by Alexandra Bill.

More Calla Lily Inspiration:

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can you tell me if the greenery is real or made? If made, any ideas how to replicate it?


Most of the greenery (the calla lilies) are made. They’re made to sugar paste and then they were hand painted. For more information about doing this yourself, you can go here: