Bridal Shower Theme - Around the House

around the house theme
Image: StrawberryChick
around the house theme
Image: StrawberryChick

Planning a bridal shower can be loads of fun - but if  you're like me you may have so many ideas swimming around in your head that it's difficult to narrow them down!  That's why it helps when you plan your bridal shower around a central theme.  There are countless themes to use when planning a shower, in the next few posts we will touch on some of my favorites.

The first theme we will discuss is an Around The House theme.  This will help the happy couple furnish their home with necessities and fun items for each room.  Before you send out invitations, find out to the bride-to-be how many rooms are in their house/apartment.

Possible rooms include kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom(s), dining room, laundry, family room, den, guest room, office.  You can also include the sunroom/porch or garage if you have a lot of guests.

After you know how  many rooms are in the house, assign a room to each guest on your list.  You will surely have more guests than rooms, so it's OK to have more than 1 guest assigned to each room.  The invitation should explain that this is a theme shower, then ask each guest to bring an item relating to the room they are assigned.


If you want to offer suggestions, here are some good ones:

Kitchen - placemats, canister set, blender, juicer, other small appliances, personalized coffee mug set

Living Room - wall hanging, candles, coffee table book, lamps, clock

Bathroom - towel set, bath salts, bubble bath, body wash set, massaging shower head

Bedroom - aromatherapy candles, massage oils, alarm clock, robe and slippers

Dining Room - formal tablecloth, serving platter, monogrammed floral vase, cloth napkins, place cards

Laundry Room - rug, organizer, air freshener, humorous wall hanging, laundry basket filled with soap, bleach, fabric softener and stain remover

Family Room - board games, video games, blanket, movies, music

Den - engraved photo frame, personalized framed print (as shown above), coaster set

Guest Room - spare blanket, lamp

Office - mousepad, desk calendar, pen set

Sunroom/Porch - citronella candle, rug, decorative throw, personalized "Grillmaster" apron

Garage - tool set, broom, grilling utensils

Use your Around the House theme on the day of your shower too.  Host an icebreaker game where you instruct each guest to find the other guest(s) that brought a gift for the same room in the house.  Have the bride-to-be open gifts room by room, or ask her to guess which room certain gifts were meant for.  With a little bit of advance planning, your Around the House bridal shower can be wildly successful!

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