Kitchen Gadget Bridal Shower

When newlyweds start their life together, there are many opportunities for entertaining.  They may be meeting new relatives, thanking friends and family for their participation in the wedding, or inviting new neighbors over to get to know them better.  When entertaining there is almost always food involved and the new bride will want to make a good impression on her guests - so you can help her do that by throwing a kitchen gadget shower.  Use your years of experience as an entertainer to give her some handy kitchen utensils that she may not know she even needs!


Although I wouldn't consider myself a classic entertainer, I have found some pretty obscure kitchen gadgets that have really come in handy over the years.  One of my most favorite items is a tart tamper.  I make a lot of "recipe in a jar" gifts and this tamper is the perfect size to pack down the ingredients into a quart jar.  I took an informal office poll and came up with some other great ideas for helpful kitchen tools:

Parmesan Cheese Shaker - also great for a mix of cinnamon and sugar to sprinkle on toast or oatmeal

Oil and Vinegar Bottle Wedding Favors - not only for salads, also great to use for bread dipping sauces and for storing extra virgin olive oil near the stove

Pizza Cutter - use to cut the crust off bread for fancy finger sandwiches or section up quesadillas

Coffee Scoop - create the perfect pot of coffee, portion out cupcake or pancake batter, scoop out flour for use in rolling pastry dough

Apple Peeler - remove the skin to pears and apples for dessert dishes, shave chocolate for the finishing touch on a sundae

Corkscrew Favors - more than one of us in the office has been caught without one, and not able to open a bottle of wine that was brought over by a guest!

A fun bridal shower game to consider is the kitchen gadget game where the hostess attaches all kinds of kitchen gadgets to an apron and walks around the room full of guests. After she leaves the room, the guests are asked to write down all of the gadgets they saw on the apron (give them a time limit of 3 minutes). The guest with the most correct answers wins the game.

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