Around the Clock Bridal Shower to the "Around The House" bridal shower I discussed earlier, another fun shower theme is an "Around The Clock" party.  This works well if you are familiar with the guests attending, so you can assign a time of day where you think the guest can easily find a suitable gift.  You can also provide gift suggestions on your clock-themed bridal shower invitations!

If you are using nametags at your shower, make sure they feature a clock theme.  You can even play an icebreaker game by having guests sit in order of the time of day they were assigned.  Your decorating can feature clocks, you can even create a game that includes specific times of day - for example, what time was the bride born, what time did she wake up this morning, what time did the groom propose to her, what time was his last kiss to her, what time does the wedding start?  A great bridal shower favor for this theme would be a clock-shaped candle, miniature alarm clock or kitchen timer.

Here are some gift suggestions for specific times of day.  Keep in mind that you don't have to assign every hour of the day, and you can ask more than 1 guest to bring something for a certain time.  Make sure they include (or you keep track of) their time so when the bride opens her gift, she knows what time it was intended for:

6am - alarm clock, programmable coffee maker

7am - velour robe, massaging shower head (one of my favorite gift ideas!)

8am - omelette pan, waffle iron, juicer

9am - desk caddy, engraved photo frame

10am - gourmet coffee gift basket, leather bound day planner

3pm - teapot, cosmetic touch-up kit

6pm - rice steamer, knife set, table linens

7pm - bath basket, luggage set

10pm - luxury sheet set, electric blanket

2am - lingerie, sensual oils

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