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home.improvement.showerCouples bridal showers are becoming more and more popular, and if you want to host a co-ed shower then you need to come up with a theme that is not too feminine.  A great choice for this type of shower is a "Home Improvement" theme.  This is especially helpful if the couple will be living in an older home or one that can be deemed a "fixer upper".  The cute invitation shown here was found at

The bride and groom will love getting practical gifts that they can really use and these days, couples are even registering at hardware and home improvement stores. Great gift ideas for this type of shower include power tools, hand tools, painting supplies or gift certificates to local home improvement stores.

Fun game ideas for co-ed showers include "Honey-Do List" and "Name That Tool".  In the Honey-Do list game, you come up with a list of regular chores that must be done around the house (take out the garbage, iron the clothes, clean toilets, even cook dinner).  Hand out a chore sheet to each guest and have them name who in the house does this chore most often.

The couple with the most matching answers wins a prize!  You can have the bride and groom participate by listing who they think will be assigned to each chore and give them a special prize if their answers match.

The Name That Tool game takes a little more advance planning, but it's really fun to watch men and women struggle to name obscure items that the opposite sex uses regularly.  Make up a separate tray for each gender, then ask the men to gather in one room and the ladies in another.

Set the tray in the room for the opposite sex and give them a time limit to name as many items on the tray as possible.  Then bring everyone together to determine the correct names of each item and see who got the most correct answers!  A few suggestions for your tool trays include:

For The Men: eyelash curler, a strawberry huller, lemon zester, loofah, grapefruit segmenter, garlic press, emery board, necklace extender, hair straightener (flat iron), blush brush

For The Ladies: center punch, replacement sprinkler head, tire pressure gauge, antifreeze tester, stud finder, chuck key for electric drill, hose clamp, allen wrench, valve stem, golf divot tool, bridal shower flower pots, personalized ribbon wands planning the menu for your couples shower, keep in mind that men can eat a full meal at any time of the day!  It's best to serve the shower food either family style or buffet style so each guest can choose their own portion sizes.  Find fun tool-themed tableware and create a "home improvement" cake with toy tools as cake toppers.  Offer co-ed friendly fares such as chicken salad, layered taco dip, meatballs, fruit and/or veggie platter, meat and cheese tray and plenty of liquid refreshments including punch, juice, sparkling water, wine or beer. For any winter bridal showers incorporate rice krispie snowflakes!

Wedding Favors Unlimited offers a number of appropriate favors for your co-ed shower, including personalized glasses, tape measure keychains, gift boxed golf balls, wine tools, and luggage tags. You can even display cupcakes on an individual cupcake stand. My favorite favor on this list is a personalized measuring tape keychain - it comes in handy when I'm shopping for home improvement items to add to my husband's "Honey Do" list!

More bridal shower theme ideas:

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Thanks Michelle for great idea. I am looking for some unique ideas for my special event..and here I got it!