Mocha and Cream Color Scheme

Coffee Cup CandlesWhat do the colors mocha and cream call to your mind?  Fragrant coffee...luscious, creamy chocolates...buttercream...sumptuous, sensuous tastes, textures, and scents.  How do these two delicious colors taste in a wedding?  They have become a very chic combination for modern brides and can help create a very elegant, sophisticated atmosphere.  How can you make your wedding as lovely and smooth as these two great tones?

Mocha is usually made with one part espresso and two parts steamed milk.  A dash of chocolate is added and topped with frothed milk or whipped cream.  A dusting of cinnamon or cocoa powder make the presentation complete.  The color mocha is much like the drink: it is very rich, deep brown that may have undertones of rust or red (think cinnamon).  A lighter mocha shade incorporates more cream and looks like a perfect cup of smooth, light coffee.  Cream, of course, is a variant of white; originally, the term was used to describe the color of fresh dairy cream, which had a yellow tint.  Today, it can be called anything to beige and oatmeal to ecru and camel.

When looking for your mocha and cream wedding accessories, you will find that different manufacturers have different interpretations of the colors.  Some mocha shades may be more chocolately, others more brown, still others with more hints of red.  These can all be wonderful, but make sure to check the colors carefully before you choose to ensure it is the shade that you want.

All eyes will be on the bride, and everyone will wait breathlessly to see what she is wearing.  You can add your mocha and cream color palette to your dress quite easily if you'd like. A cream or white gown with a mocha sash is lovely, but also consider trying a vintage dress in a beige or mocha color.  This can be equally exquisite: the Anjolique Bridal Mocha Beige Gown, for instance, features gorgeous mocha lace and sating in a strapless a-line design.  A sweetheart neckline, dropped waist, floor length skirt, and chapel train complete the classic touches.

Mocha is a hot color now, so you should have no trouble finding bridesmaids' dresses.  Again, simple, strapless a-line gowns are great, and if they hit just below the knee, they offer great contrast to full length gowns.  For non-traditional brides, especially those who chose to wear lighter mocha dresses, a darker cream dress with mocha sash may be the right combination for a gorgeous wedding.

Mocha and cream wedding colors

Mocha & Cream Wedding Colors by WeddingDiva featuring stone necklace

Flowers are elegant and simple:  ivory, white, and chocolate roses are classic choices.  Why not choose roses in mocha and cream?  Add bits of greenery and chocolate pearl pins for accent, and you have a very simply, exquisitely elegant bouquet.  Don't neglect to add accent colors: pinks, dusty oranges, white, touches of silver, and green help add contrast; with mocha and cream, you should always add a splash of color here and there, whether it is a sage  ribbon around your bouquet or a pink ribbon around a vase holding flowers.

Cakes: you cannot go wrong with mocha and cream cakes.  Anything is bound to look delicious.  A mocha fondant tiered cake with crisp cream accents or a white fondant cake with brown patterns, such as damask will be a classy and eye-catching focal point. Chocolates make wonderful favors, as do mocha-coffee flavored chocolates or even gourmet chocolate covered coffee beans. Favors are just as simple. There are tons of options, including personalized coffee mixes and other coffee wedding favors for the big day.

A mocha and cream wedding is all about luxury, sumptuous pleasure, and maybe a hint or two of decadence.  This is not the time to worry about calories or conventions: to your beige gown to chocolate pearls, you will find dozens of beautiful ways to incorporate these charming colors into your wedding.

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