Wedding Inspiration: Lemon Yellow Color Scheme

Go 'lemon yellow' with your wedding theme - Images by Dessy.comYellow is typically overlooked as brides choose their wedding colors, unless they are having fall themed weddings, in which case, the yellow is chosen as an accent to bolder reds and oranges.  Yellow also symbolizes friendship, which may be why some couples avoid it!  But lemon yellow can be a wonderful choice for your spring or summer wedding.  Yellow is happy, bright, and vibrant – it is also incredibly fun and playful.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  And when life gives you lemons, you create a wonderfully fresh wedding!  There are many ways to incorporate this sunny color into your big day, and most common is the country-themed wedding.  Simple flowers combine to make a stunning bouquet:  English roses, sweet peas, peonies, lily of the valley, and jasmine make a lovely, and fragrant, combination that is as elegant as it is charming.  Centerpieces can be as simple, and as functional, as filling clear glass pitchers with lemonade and slice of lemon or pouring delightful Lemon Heads into a glass jar.  Personalized lemonade favors also make for a great treat. A basket or jar of lemons with a few limes for contrast will be a lovely touch.

Yellow bridesmaids dresses with white accents will look great, but you may also want to consider turning convention on its head: why not have your lovely ladies in white with yellow accents while you wear a yellow wedding gown.  Believe it or not, there are some absolutely gorgeous yellow gowns.  Bernard Foong, for instance, creates one that is a vision of creamy, yellow perfection.  A softer yellow is perfect for blushing brides – and it looks great with accents of light pink.  Brighter yellows can be incorporated into other wedding details.

Light yellow color scheme - Photos by Dessy.comLemon can also be incorporated into more formal, elegant weddings.  Here, a great pairing with chocolate creates a very sophisticated, absolutely delicious theme.  For your centerpieces, opt for velvety dark brown pillar trays filled with bright yellow lemon slices, cupcakes with yellow frosting tips, yellow and white hard candy sticks, or Royal Dansk Luxury Wafers with chocolate filling.  You can also find beautiful, unique chocolate roses (not the candy kind!) that will look wonderful with yellow roses for a bridal bouquet.

Lemon yellow is also great with neutral tones, including white, black, gray, muted blues, and camel or khaki browns.  A great idea for a black and yellow themed wedding, for instance, is a beautiful white tiered square cake with black at the bottom of each layer or buttercream scroll work bordering the top.  Bright sunflowers are used to decorate the cake and add great color and style.  Why not add adorable bumblebee cake toppers in place of more traditional birds?  A black sash can be added to a pure white gown, contrasted by a burst of bright yellow blooms.  Chic and sophisticated; yellow and black do not have to be all bees, but it can be a fun theme to incorporate a bit.

Pale yellow has been a spring staple, but trendy brides are opting to add more pizzazz and bold touches to their weddings.  A lemon yellow wedding can be very fun, bright, and elegant.  Have fun with it, and your guests will certainly notice that you are the most bright, bold bride they've ever seen.

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