Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

Personalized Lip Balm FavorsNothing is more personal than your wedding day. So when thoughts turn to favors, why not go personal? Personalized wedding favors are a lovely touch for a wedding, and they help your guests remember your special day for years to come.


It’s becoming more and more popular these days to offer practical items with a personal touch. You can order everything to lip balm favors to suntan lotion to hand sanitizers and lotions in mini bottles bearing your personalization. It’s a nice thought, especially when you have out of town guests who may have forgotten to pack an item they need.


Did you know you can even get candies personalized these days? From M&Ms bearing your names to mint tins and lifesavers with your personalization on the outside, you can really make a candy favor unique. Choose colors for chocolate wedding favors or candy bar wrappers that match your theme, and have a special message printed that really shows your gratitude for your guests sharing in your special day.

Personalized Wine Glasses (Stemless)Wine Glasses

There are several styles of personalized wine glasses—to stemmed to stemless—and also champagne flutes that you can order personalized with your own message. You can even choose ink colors that match your décor.


A nice personalized notebook favor or set of sticky notes with a pen can be personalized and useful for your guests. Choose a design that has a wedding flair or go completely wild and have anything you like printed on them.

The Mini Cupcake

How darling would it be to offer each guest a personalized cupcake? It’s like your wedding cake in miniature. You choose the colors and the font and have your name, date, or message printed in delicious frosting. Mini cupcakes are a truly different and special treat.

CD Labels

A nice idea is to have CD labels personalized so you can create your own music mix for guests. You might choose songs that are meaningful to you or that will be played at the wedding. You can also do the same for DVDs and offer guests a silly or heartfelt video of yourselves thanking them for coming to the wedding. It’s a nice memory maker.

Wine Labels

Create your own vintage with personalized wine labels. Choose a bottle of wine that’s meaningful to you or that you think guests will like. Adhere the sticker and you’ve got ready made favors. You can also do the same with mini champagne bottles or sparkling wine.

Personalized Aluminum Water BottlesWater Bottles

Today reusable aluminum water bottles are all the rage. You can get them personalized with your initials or with a sentiment or design to send guests home with. This is truly a useful gift that also looks nice.

Gourmet Treats

Miniature bottles of gourmet foods are now en vogue. You can order labels for mini ketchup bottles, olive oil, hot sauce, cocktail mixes, hot chocolate and personalized coffee wedding favors, individual teas, and more. You can even get cute little bottles of honey with your personalization. These take-home treats are fun because they’re also useful.


Choose a satin ribbon in your color scheme and have it personalized with anything you like. It can be a short sentiment of thanks or your wedding date and names. Use the custom wedding ribbon to tie up small bottles of bubbles or other treat. You can make favor bags or tie the ribbon around favor boxes. Everything you decorate with it will look elegant.

More Ways of Personalization:

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