DIY Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal Shower InvitesIf you’re in charge of hosting a bridal shower, have no fear when it comes to designing invites. You can easily make adorable invitations that set the tone for a lovely party. It will cost very little to have them printed and you can check “invitations” off your list. Done!

A company called offers templates for all sorts of invitations. The designs are fresh and hip and there is no minimum order. They will print your order within 24 hours and get it out in the mail along with the envelopes. It’s so easy to get started. Just click on “Invitations” and see all the wonderful design templates. Choose one you like and then get started customizing it. Remember, the type of invitation you choose will tell your guests how formal or informal the party will be, so choose one that you think matches the tone of the party.

From upscale to silly, you can choose a style that perfectly meshes with the party you have in mind. When you have chosen a design, there are spaces for typing in your info. Customize the spaces any way you like. Remove the lines you don’t want. Add others that you do want in. If you want to tell everyone to bring a kitchen gadget for a wishing well or a piece of lingerie, there’s a place to write that on the invitation. You can even put directions on the back if you like. The options are endless. You’re sure to find one you like.

Many online companies offer ways to customize bridal shower invitations. Some of them are better than others. So look around. See what their printing timeline is. Will you make the date? You don’t want to incur rush charges, so choose a company that can print quickly without sacrificing quality.

But what if you want to make an old fashioned invitation without help to the internet? You can do it. If you’re feeling crafty, invite some of the bridal party over to help you. Lay out all your supplies and you’ll have the invitations done and mailed in one afternoon. Bonus points go to you if you can manage to correlate your invitations with your bridal shower decor. Give the person with the best handwriting the task of addressing envelopes.

Here are some supplies you might need:

  • Sturdy card stock in a pretty color
  • Rubber stamps
  • Ink pads
  • Vellum paper for printing
  • Scissors with decorative edges
  • Paper punch with a festive motif such as flowers or bells
  • Satin ribbon
  • Envelopes
  • Glue
  • Lace

Bridal shower invitations by minted.comThe invitation you choose to make is as individual as the bride. One nice idea is to cut out wedding gowns to card stock and glue lace over them. You can trim the edge of the paper with decorative scissor edging and tie satin ribbon around the waist of the dress. On the back, you can have the information that tells where and when the shower is either handwritten or you can print on vellum (see-through) or other paper and glue on.

The possibilities are endless. You can use rubber stamps to make images of birds, bells, flowers, or high heeled shoes. Then cut around the image and tie a satin bow on. Again, glue printed information on the back. Don’t forget to customize the envelope with a rubber stamp or paper punch. It’s the little details that make your bridal shower invitations special.

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This is really nice. Thanks for sharing. I like DIY things like cards and other accessories for parties.