Inspiration: Nautical & Sailor Style Wedding

You may have always thought it'd be fun to have your wedding on the water, and what better theme to have than the nautical theme? The cutest fashion ideas out there these days revolve around a sailor-theme. A little bit of white, navy, khaki and some rope. There are lots of ideas you could incorporate into this theme. Take a peek at what we came up with!

nautical sailor

Bridesmaid Dresses

Something simple, yet elegant might be ideal for this style. Bridesmaid dresses now sport cute pockets and a billowy skirt that would look adorable with this theme. Typically, a knee-length skirted dress would be a great choice to keep the look carefree and simple.

Wedding Favors

There are some great options out there for beach wedding favors and even ones with a nautical theme. You could go with simple lantern wedding favors, or even seashell themed favors. There are all kinds of beach themed candle favors that would support your theme as well.

Beach Wedding Favors

There are plenty of ways to make your nautical wedding personal and clever. No matter what, being on the water is always one of the most beautiful ways to start your new life together.

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