Quick and Easy DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

DIY Black boardsAs you look over the items on your wedding 'To Do' list, don’t forget to add “Make Favors.” Yes, you can make your own wedding favors quickly and easily. There are so many great tools to help you so you don’t have to go it alone.

Look for prepackaged kits at craft and hobby stores. Today’s wedding departments are not what they were in days of old. It used to be when you went out to look for wedding favor supplies you’d find a couple of spools of white ribbon and that’s it. Today you can find everything you need to little bubble bottles to white dove candies and all the wrappings to create lovely favors for your guests.

Start by browsing at a craft store when you’re not in a rush. Spend some time meandering down the aisles. Remember, you don’t have to stick to just the wedding aisle for your supplies.


Candies make a nice favor because they are easy to package, have a long shelf life and people enjoy receiving them. Search out unique candies and vessels for presenting them. Some kits come with all the candy you need as well as glassine envelopes with stickers to secure them or boxes you put together. White doves, Jordan almonds, M&Ms and mints are all good choices. Plan for just a scoop for each guest and then wrap them in tulle netting in one of your theme colors and secure with a ribbon. Or, you can purchase tins that are personalized with your name and date. Get creative with what you put the candies in. How about mini flower pots?


Wedding soap favorsIf you want to give soap wedding favors, you can do so very easily. Again, the craft store is your best friend. Go down the soap-making aisle. You’ll find blocks of soap just ready for you to melt down and add fragrance and embellishments. You’ll need a tin pot to boil the soap in, which is also sold in the soap aisle. And then choose a fragrance and little roses, lavender or other potpourri to include in your bars. If you want to make bars, choose a bar mold. Then you can slice off individual pieces and wrap them in pretty paper or fabric. Add a wax seal for a really high-end look. Another option is to pour your melted soap into rose or star molds. These molds come in just about every shape you can imagine and usually include 6 to 9 of the shape to be poured at one time. When they harden, pop them out and pour the next batch. Wrap a few per guest in pretty tulle and secure with a ribbon.

There are lots of other homemade favors you can make for your wedding. Try offering one lovely pear or apple to your hometown’s orchard on a lovely doily or napkin. It can be as simple as that. Or you can order the produce to a high-end catalog like Harry and David and include one piece per person.

You might try canning fruit to a local berry patch. Purchase pretty canning jars to a hardware or discount store when it’s canning season (August-September). Be sure to buy new lids that will seal so that your jams or jellies will stay fresh for up to a year or so until your guests want to open them.

Whichever wedding favors you decide to make, just be sure to buy enough materials to complete them all at once. That includes ribbon and fabric you will need as well as jars and containers. The last thing you want to have happen is for the store to run out of what you need at the last minute. Plan ahead and add a few overs in for breakage. That way you’ll be sure all your favors match and you won’t be scrambling in the eleventh hour.

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Thanks for sharing! I love the idea of making soap for a wedding.