Silver and Blue Color Themes for a Winter Wedding

Nothing says winter wedding like the cool colors of silver and blue. They can be elegant additions to your winter wedding reception decorations. With so many shades available, you can create a silver and blue dreamworld.

Your Dress

While white is traditional, why not opt for a shade more in the silver range. It will still read as white when you make your entrance, but the sparkle and allure of silver will come through too. If you’re not sure you want to go with a silver gown, why not have your bridal party in silver gowns with blue sashes? You can always add silver jewelry to your hair and around your neck and wrists.

Your Flowers

You can create an amazing bouquet of flowers in shades of silver and blue. A good florist can get you any flower any time of year, so start dreaming. Add blooms of silver roses or blue irises. Or, do an all silver bouquet with a blue velvet or satin ribbon. Include holly leaves in your bouquet to add a wintry feel. Or, place faux pearls or gems in your bouquet. You can pin them in or glue them in for a glint of glamour.

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Your Tables

You can have fun with your guest tables for your winter wedding. Why not do silver table cloths with blue velvet or satin overlays? You can even do a sheer blue material so it appears to float. Dishware can be deep blue with silver trim. If your caterer or restaurant can’t provide them, you can always visit a discount or restaurant supply store to purchase top plates. While you won’t want to foot the bill for a room full of china, you can add an accent plate or butter dish or even a blue champagne flute at each setting in blue with a silver accent. (Remind the caterer to set them aside for you to take home after the festivities.)

Your Food

Print your menu on blue cards with silver in and place at each guest’s seat. Then, offer a first course that is right out of your color palate. A blueberry sorbet with silver edible flowers would look divine, or at the end of the meal, offer chocolates or cookies decorated in blue and silver icing. You can add small accents like blue and silver edible flowers in the salads or atop the butter pats too. A simple touch like a silver doily under your appetizers as they are being passed around on a blue tray can really create drama.

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The Centerpieces

Blue is the color of cool water. Fill a tall glass cylindrical vase with water that’s been dyed with food color in the shade of blue you like. Then, add silver glass pebbles to a craft store. What you decide to place in the vase is up to you. You could do all blue flower stems, a small battery-powered fountain, or float a silver candle. If you want to really wow your guests, fill oversized clear glass fishbowls with silver and blue gravel and fresh water. Place silver or blue fish in each bowl. One beta fish per bowl will look nice and is an inexpensive purchase to a pet store. (Two betas in a bowl will fight.) At the end of the evening, you’ll be surprised at how eager guests are to take them home. Offer to raffle them off.

Your Wedding Favors

Here, you can really add your personal touches with your wedding favors. Silver and blue favors are very easy to find. You could offer engraved silver frames with your photo inside. Or blue holiday shaped cookies wrapped in silver ribbon. A good baker can make you any shape and design you like. Ask for ice skate or snowman cookies for a cute treat. You can do a silver Star of David or cross ornament to celebrate your faith. Alternately, you can give blue soaps, silver fortune cookies or small silver sleigh bells tied with blue ribbons as favors.

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