Cheap Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Image by ashleypalmero on FlickrSo it’s come to the flower planning. This should be a fun time for you. But if you’ve run out of money, you may be starting to get a little stressed. Of course, you still want lovely bouquets for yourself and the bridal party. But how can you do it on a tight budget?

It’s easy! There are more options than you may think. Step out of the traditional florist arranged mindset and start looking around you for ideas.

What’s in season? If you are having a Fall wedding, you are in luck. Sunflowers abound and are perfect for gathering into tiny or large impromptu bouquets. Plan on cutting them the morning of the wedding. Someone else should handle this task, as you will be very busy. All you need is two or three stems for each bridesmaid tied with a chunky, thick velvet ribbon and you’ve got yourself a lovely processional of flowers. Your bouquet can be more lush. Cut handfuls of sunflowers, in different colors if you can find them, and tie them into a tightly packed bundle. Use long, flowing ribbon in coordinating colors with the girls’ bouquets. Add some white or cream satin ribbon in long sweeps to make your bouquet special. You can even have your flower girl throw sunflower petals.

If you live in a place where sunflowers grow in abundance, perfect. If not, you can purchase them. They are not usually as expensive as roses or other hot house flowers. And if you order them in just a few loose stems and make your own bouquets, you’ll save a lot. You can even order them to a grocery store’s floral department for the best deal.

Still another way to save is to plant them yourself. Sunflowers grow very quickly. So just check with a local greenhouse and see what the optimal planting time is for your area and your wedding date. You can grow miniature versions indoors in pots, or the full-sized beauties outdoors.

Image by Kaz Andrew on FlickrYou will also find that country fairs in the late summer or early fall have an abundance of sunflowers. See if you can locate the grower and leave your name with the person. See if he or she can provide flowers for your wedding. At the late fall season, many growers don’t have any idea what to do with their overabundance and may even make you pots of mums or other seasonal flowers for your reception very cheaply.

No matter what season you’re marrying in, there are flowers that you can get cheaply. Choose what’s in season and you’ll get the best deals. Opt for daisies over roses or go with more greenery than flowers. These tips can save you lots of money.

But let’s say you have your heart set on roses. Instead of blowing the budget on arrangements for your bouquet, go with faux. Silk roses can be every bit as charming as their live cousins. And you can make the bouquets ahead of time with ease. Plus, everyone will be able to save their bouquet without having the cost of preserving it. So it’s a win-win situation. Just be sure to pick high quality fakes and tie them up with lovely, expensive looking ribbon. No one need know they’re anything but the real thing!

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