Wedding Favors Unlimited on the Today Show Blog

Today ShowWith the Royal Wedding being today, the Today Show felt that it was only right to feature some items that would fall into the British wedding tradition on their Bobbie's Buzz blog. You can see their feature here: Modern take on charming wedding traditions.

The Lucky Horseshoe Tradition

In English tradition, it's customary that the bride have two forms of horseshoes adorning her on her wedding day for good luck. First, a horseshoe is sewn into the hem of her wedding gown and secondly, she is often times given a horseshoe decorated in ribbons to carry. Both of these traditions have been carried throughout history, and are highly likely to be present in the Royal Wedding today as well.

The Featured Products

The producers of the Today Show really loved these three lucky horseshoe items:

Royal Wedding Lucky Horseshoe Items

Left: Sculptural White Tiger Lilies Lucky Horseshoe
Center: ' Lucky in Love' Horseshoe
Right: Satin Covered Lucky Horseshoe

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