Wedding Money Trees - Cool or Not?

AnneGreenSpringer on FlickrOne trend you might come across in your wedding planning is the wedding money tree. This decoration is designed to invite guests to place cash gifts right on the tree. Is it considered tacky or is it ok to have a money tree at your wedding?

The money tree is a small potted tree that you either make or you can buy. It can be a small evergreen tree if you are marrying in winter or a few branches that you hot glue silk leaves on for the fall. A decorative pot makes it attractive as does a silver or gold bow. You set it out near your gift table or in another less obvious spot.

Experts are divided on whether or not the tree is a good idea. Some say that it’s perfectly fine to include a tasteful money tree as part of the wedding décor.  While some say that it should never be included in a wedding, as it is a breach of etiquette.

Gather the facts and then decide for yourself whether a wedding tree makes sense for you and your family. The whole purpose of the wedding tree is to provide a place for guests who want to give cash as wedding gifts. It’s supposed to be light-hearted and festive, and if done correctly, it can be appropriate. However, consider the fact that many guests could consider it in poor taste to blatantly ask for money. Even though you might think it’s perfectly fine, and would never directly ask for money, some guests might see it in a different light.

One way to make sure your money tree does not scream out a request for money is to do it quietly and place it at the gift table. When you include a money tree at the gift table, you’re providing a quiet suggestion. Guests can either drop their gifts off at the table, or they can choose to clip some money to the tree.

Provide an easy way for guests to attach their money and also any cards they might want to include. A guest giving a card with cash inside may feel more comfortable leaving the whole card rather than just the dollar bills. They may worry that you won’t know who it’s to. You can also include a decorated bird cage, if you like, so guests can drop their cards that include checks or money inside it.

Those who say the money tree is tacky include guests to certain cultures. It is not proper in certain cultures to make a show of asking for money. Other cultures see it as a fun way to wish the new couple well. Check out the family histories of both sides before deciding if a tree is appropriate.

If you do decide to include a wedding money tree, include a poem or short note with the tree. Make it an option and not a requirement that guests leave cash. By sticking a few dollar bills on the tree in advance, it will show guests what they are supposed to do. Keep your tree in line with your décor so that it doesn’t stick out as an obvious part of the wedding. Make it blend in and you can have a cute money tree that also serves its purpose.

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Personally I find a money tree a bit tacky, but of course, a bride and groom should do what they is their wedding after all.