Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favors

Monogrammed Chocolate Bar FavorsYour wedding is your personal day to share with friends and family in a celebration of love. Why not have personalized wedding favors with something every guest will love—chocolate!

You can have your personalized favors done for you online. Many companies offer this service. But it’s is really easy to personalize your own chocolate wedding favors. But since the companies who print them for you will just ship you the labels, you’ll still have to buy all the chocolate and assemble them yourself.

If you'd like to try and make the labels yourself, look for a template online by searching “chocolate bar wrappers” or “personalized chocolate labels.” You’ll be able to find wrappers for regular sized candy bars as well as Jumbo bars and even miniatures. Choose your template based on the type of candy bar you’d like to offer.

When you go out to purchase the candy, keep in mind that some people have peanut allergies. So, to be safe, go for pure Hershey bars without nuts or some other candy bar that doesn’t contain any nuts.

Sweetest Couple Pastel Striped Chocolate WrapperNow, get ready to design your candy bar label. You can easily do this with any software like Word or something fancier like Photo Shop if you have it. In Word, you can do the basics of adding clip art and type. Choose clip art by clicking “Insert Clip Art” to the tool bar in Word. Search for wedding bells, ribbons, doves or crosses. Then insert the clip art into your template. Now choose a font. Your computer probably has many lovely fonts built in. Choose one that fits the style of your wedding. If it’s more formal, you might want to go with a script. If it’s more casual you can go with Dom Casual or another handwriting type font. Type out a message like, “Welcome to our Wedding! Love, Dan and Kathy. March 8, 2011” or get silly with your message and write something about how you met. You might want to include photos of yourself on the label. Just upload your photos and insert them onto the template.

Proofread your label. Then print on regular (not photo or glossy) paper. Just use the white printer paper you normally use for documents. If you use glossy or photo papers, your labels will be too hard to bend around the chocolate.

Custom Wedding Photo Chocolate BarWhen you have all your labels printed, cut them out. Wrap your printed wrapper around the existing candy bar wrapper. Leave the manufacturer’s original label on so that guests can see the ingredient list if they want to. Now, apply a dot of glue (hot glue works best as it dries immediately) to where the edges of the wrapper meet.

That’s it! You’re done. Some tips for storage. Do not leave them in a hot car or where a child or pet can get at them. Place them in a plastic tub with a secure lid and store them in a cool, dark place until the wedding. Be sure that they are not left in the car during the ceremony or at any time during their transport to the reception. Have a good friend who isn’t part of the wedding party run them to the reception hall the night before so the catering staff can put one at each place. That way no one ends up running around with them the day of the wedding.

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Kristina - Wedding Up Lighting

Ooh.. I love chocolates! This is a great wedding favor!