Global Inspired Wedding Favor Ideas

Global InspirationThe world has gotten smaller and everyone is thinking globally. Brides and grooms are now searching for wedding favors with a global inspiration. If you’re one of them, consider these ideas for unique favors.

A Charity Gift Card

You can now purchase gift cards for charities around the globe at web sites like The Knot ( You choose a donation amount and you get printed cards to give out to your wedding guests to notify them that a donation has been made in their honor. Charities include Children International, Habitat for Humanity International, The Nature Conservancy, and more. You can choose the type of charity you’d like to donate to and even suggest a charity that isn’t listed to receive your donation. This is a thoughtful way to make a global impact.

World Travel

If you want to go with a global travel theme, you can have mock passports created in the form of decorated cookies or chocolate. The decorations are amazingly real. Or you can give personalized luggage Crystal Globe Wedding Favorstag favors to each guest. Mini suitcase favors can be filled with candy or mints. You can print retro airplane graphics and create stickers to adhere to wine bottles or other personalized items. Or offer a travel bag with mini toiletries personalized with your name and wedding date. Your guests can take them with them on their next globetrot.

Destination Europe

If you’re marrying in Europe or just want to give your wedding a European feel, you can choose to a number of fun favors. A popular choice for doing is would be Eiffel tower favors such as key rings, chocolates, candles, cookies and more. You can also do four leaf clovers to celebrate your Irish roots. Give live clover plants in tiny pots. Or you can hand out biscotti or olive oil in personalized packages for the Italian in you. Personalized tea favors or porcelain tea cups are a nod to English heritage. Greek or Spanish specialty food items like gourmet olives also make nice wedding favors.

Lucky Elephant Tealight HolderThe Elephant

The elephant is honored in Indian and Asian cultures as a cherished icon of good fortune. Include wooden elephant place card holders or napkin ring. Elephant favors such as candles or soaps are also a nice idea.

Native American

For a nice Native American touch to your wedding, give out handmade pottery vases. You can find them hand-painted with many traditional native symbols that have different meanings.

Global Goods

There are many goods that are now being made internationally by small groups. These groups are supported by the sales of their handcrafts. Many of these groups are comprised of all women who help their families survive on their wages. You can find many of them online to handmade baskets to vases to pouches, candles, gourmet foods and more. Seek out opportunities to purchase these products that oftentimes help sustain entire villages. You’ll feel good knowing you have helped on a global scale.

Asian Flare

Even if you are not of Asian descent, you can still include lovely touches that have a distinctly Asian influence. Cherry blossom favors are always elegant as are miniature lanterns with votives inside. A bamboo plant or a bonsai are also unique choices for favors. Chopsticks, bamboo boxes, teas, personalized fortune cookies and more all lend a far Eastern flare to your favors.

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Just love those crystal globe favors!


Aren't those crystal globe favors expensive? they look so costly.