Attire Suggestions For A Beach Wedding Groom

becah wedding styleboardIf you’re planning a beach wedding, you’re probably a bit more relaxed and casual a couple than the average traditional ceremony couple. You might not want to be restricted in formal attire like a tuxedo for your big day. Or you just might not like the idea of renting clothing for your wedding. There are several ways you can dress on your wedding day to look both relaxed and appropriate—and wear your own clothes!

If you want to wear bathing suit trunks, do it right. Leave the ripped, faded, baggy bathing suit shorts at home. Opt for a new bathing suit that shows off your unique style. You can get “wedding” bathing suits, believe it or not, online. Choose one in black that’s unwrinkled when you go down the aisle. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and flip flops and you’ll look appropriate. Remember, you may feel comfortable in a minimal bathing suit and no shirt, but your guests may not appreciate your style. So, to avoid embarrassing yourself or anyone else, go with a little modesty. You can always party later after the ceremony or on the honeymoon wearing whatever you like.

Another way to go is the classic look of a pair of linen shorts and a linen blazer. Linen not only breathes, so it’s cool to wear, but it also looks finished and upscale but still casual at the same time. It won’t restrict you and make you feel like you’re stuffed into a suit either. Choose a light color beige or white linen jacket and tailored linen shorts that match. You can wear slip on boating shoes or clean slip on sneakers such as Keds. Just make sure you leave your gym sneakers at home. You can also go barefoot if that’s what you and your bride choose.

Image by {just jennifer} on FlickrAnother option is going with a nautical theme. You can wear a navy blazer and white dress pants with a crisp white t-shirt underneath. Add some boat shoes and you’ve got a sharp look for the beach. Think yachting club and you’ll be totally comfortable and on trend.

Of course, any outfit you’re thinking of wearing to a beach wedding will have to blend with what your bride is planning to wear. If she’s going with a bikini and sarong, by all means wear your own (tasteful) trunks. If she’s investing in a strapless gown, you’ll want to go the blazer route. You don’t want to look mismatched or appear not to have consulted on your attire. Chances are your bride will want to be in on the planning of your outfits and nothing will be left to chance.

The beach wedding is definitely a chance to let your unique personality shine through. But even if you are having a casual clam bake and not a formal dinner, you still want to feel well-groomed and regal on your wedding day. So go with a look that’s comfortable, but also new and in an elegant fabric. Your wedding photos will last a lifetime, so you want to make sure your choice of dress is one that you won’t regret later. If in doubt, ask for family advice or err on the side of too dressed up rather than not dressed up enough. Once the guests arrive, you’ll be glad you did.

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