Coral Wedding Inspiration

Coral wedding invitationsThis season's hottest colors are without a doubt, coral and tangerine. But coral is certainly a color that hasn't been seen at a whole lot of weddings, which makes it fun to work with this year, as the unused possibilities are endless!

First, you'll want to start with your invites. If you choose coral wedding invitations, you'll want to pick something that not only announces your colors, but announces the formality of your wedding. Your invitations say much more than just the date and time of the wedding, it also eludes to how formal the wedding will be, the colors, the food, and more. And be sure not to include your registry on the invitations, it's poor form.

Next, move onto your wedding decor, you'll want lots of coral color (or actual coral) scattered throughout your venue. You can pair coral with khaki, green, fuchsia, brown, or simply white or black. It's a very versatile color and will look lovely against many different hues.

Coral Wedding Inspiration

Coral weddings are absolutely beautiful, but if you can choose a venue that is on the beach or something similar (such as a laid back chalet, or cabin) it's an added bonus. Choosing a venue that goes with your theme is just as important as finding one that suits your personalities as a couple. This is why at times it can seem so hard to choose a venue! But as long as you have a plan, you're closer to completing this task.

Once you've got your invitations, decor, and fashion chosen, you'll most likely want to move on to your smaller details such as wedding favors. To choose something that really goes with your theme, you don't have to necessarily go with something coral-colored but you certainly can! If you think you have enough coral related items, why not extend the beach relation and offer beach wedding favors? They're cute and the subtle variety will go a long way when you look out at your tables.

Here are a few cute options that you could look into for beach wedding favors:

coral wedding favorsThere are so many ways you could go with a coral wedding scheme. Just make sure it is true to you and your fiance's personalities and lifestyle. Your wedding is all about you, so make sure your decor, your food, your music, and everything else is right in line with who you are together and you can't go wrong!

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