Wedding Guest Welcome Gift Ideas

Your wedding day is all about you and your spouse-to-be – but it is important never to forget the guests that you have chosen to share this special day with you.  They may travel five minutes, five hours, or five days to come to your wedding; they purchase wedding gifts; they share your happiness and take time to their busy lives to congratulate you.  Guest welcome gifts are a great way to say, “Thank you; we appreciate you.”  Here are some welcome gift ideas to get you started.

How can you welcome your guests to your neck of the woods? Out-of-town invitees should be greeted with a gift that helps them enjoy their stay that much more.  Often, couples fill reusable tote bags with a variety of goodies to make them comfortable, including:

  • Maps of the area and any must-see attractions.
  • Local coupons for restaurants, shops, and services your guests may use while in town.
  • Edible items. If you can, it is fun to include items that are unique to your area.  A wedding held in Vermont, for instance, could feature small maple syrup favors and Lake Champlain chocolates.  There is something special about each area, and this helps welcome guests very effectively.
  • A local souvenir. Try to make it useful – do your guests really need (and want) to carry a snow globe featuring your city home with them?  They will, however, like a set of postcards, a keychain, custom bandanas, or a water bottle with your city or state emblem.
  • Convenience items. If your guests are leaving the snowy north and arriving in sunny Arizona, for instance, include sunblock and lip balm with sun protection. Likewise, if they’re going to colder climates, include some Chapstick or hand lotion.  You can find travel sizes or order in bulk to save money.
  • Sanity savers. If the guests are traveling with children, include some goodies for the kids.  Crayons, coloring and activity books, playing cards, foldable checkers board, white board/marker, small all-in-one travel games, joke books, and story books are all great ideas, and they are small enough to be left behind/donated without feeling guilty.
  • Extras.  You can find novelty items, such as customized margarita mix packets, to add some fun to the hotel stay.

The welcome bag itself presents you with a lot of wonderful choices. You can pick up several reusable cloth grocery bags to use. This is a great option because they come in virtually any color and pattern – and you can find or order some that complement your wedding colors.  They can also be easily and quickly folded and packed into a suitcase for future use, and these bags don’t add to the weight of luggage.

Another easy, convenient option is to use tote bags. These are also reusable and compact, making it an ideal gift. You can choose plain totes or use a service to print your names and wedding date.  If you are having a beach-themed wedding, you can present your guest welcome gift in a lightweight, plastic beach tote. While a little more bulky, they are very light and compact for the trip home.  Consider going the DIY route with craft bags or boxes that you can decorate, customize, and embellish yourself (and with the help of your wedding party!).  The choices are endless, and all you need is a little creativity to find a solution that works for your budget.

A wedding guest welcome/thank you gift is not intended to break the bank; instead, your goal is to welcome these traveling guests and thank them for making the trip to make your wedding as lovely as possible.


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Andre Blais
Andre Blais

These are great, the idea of including maps is a great tip! Thanks for sharing!