Rustic Wedding Color Schemes

Rustic wedding ideas

063.JPGNo matter what the season, going with a rustic wedding is a great way to celebrate your marriage. There are so many cute ideas when you go with this theme, and whether you’re in the middle of a city or out on a farm, you’re going to find a world of opportunity with this theme. As with any other wedding theme, though, choosing your colors as soon as possible is an absolute must because it will help you select the other decorations you want to include.

Here are a few color ideas that may help you think about what you’d like:

  • Ivory and Green: Few colors say rustic quite like ivories and greens, and they’re easy to work into your ceremony and reception, no matter where you’re at. You could have guests hike into the wedding to go with the natural greens around you, accented by your ivory dress, or you could have it in the backyard surrounded by natural greens.
  • Yellow and Orange: If you’re having a fall wedding, this is a great set of colors to work with because you’re going to find them everywhere. You don’t want to go with a neon yellow, though. Stick with more natural hues of these colors for best results.
  • Red and Gold: These colors also work really well for a fall wedding, but they may be perfect in other settings, too. For example, if a giant red barn will serve as the backdrop for your ceremony, you absolutely want to go with a color scheme like this one. The same is true if you’re going to have a ceremony that is surrounded by trees, as they really tend to highlight other natural colors.
  • Brown and Green: These are two of the most classic choices for rustic wedding colors, because so many rustic decor items are based around them. Don’t worry about the browns being too dark, because you can always incorporate lighter tans to make the difference. Imagine, for example, going with the color of burlap! It’s easy to work into the wedding decor and your outfits.

A Few Notes on Choosing Colors

It’s important to choose your colors early because they can set the tone for the entire wedding. What’s more, though, is that getting this one set early means you’ll be able to inject it into more parts of your wedding like your cake, table coverings, rustic wedding favors, and much more. A color scheme can be complex or simple, and much of what you decide on will depend on the type of wedding you want to have as well as your budget, because colors can get expensive in some settings. Don’t discount your favorite shades or even where you plan to hold the ceremony and the reception, as some natural choices may occur to you.

Not happy with any of these ideas? It’s okay. Unlike some theme choices, rustic means lots of room to breathe. You can work virtually any color scheme in or you can just go with a palette of neutrals. Either way, your rustic wedding is going to look amazing.

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