Winter Wedding Color Ideas

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So, your big day is going to take place in the winter. What colors should you go with? Are there any that will look better than others? Any you should avoid? Maybe you are trying to pair your colors with your wedding winter decorations. No matter how you look at it, here are some ideas to get you started.

Red and White

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If you love red, then go for it. Many winter brides opt for red and white (or red and silver) because they are colors of the holiday season. They also play really well off each other. A white gown with a red velvet sash is heavenly.

Remember, you can go burgundy instead of a hot red if you feel more comfortable, but don't feel obligated to choose this color scheme if it's not your favorite. There are many other magnificent options too.

Brown and Blue

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Brown and blue have always been a festive and upscale combination. You may not automatically think brown for a winter wedding, but in a rich shade of chocolate paired with a robin's egg blue, it's simply stunning.

There are many different wedding reception accessories that will make these colors work as well, so keep your eyes open and scan wedding blogs for inspiration.

If you're skeptical, think 'Tiffany' blue. The luxury brand that is known worldwide has the most beautiful blue you could ever lay eyes on. With a color like this, your wedding is bound to shine like diamonds!

Jewel Tones

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Think gems for your color inspiration. Deep purples, rich golds and deep greens will all look wonderful. From amethyst to royal purple, you can't go wrong, and adding accents of gold will give a bejeweled effect.

Greens should be a velvety forest green to keep with the season. Any jewel tone to burgundy to icy diamond silver will work together. Plus, with these tones, your winter wedding favor options are endless!

Nature never gets it wrong.

Pinks and Silver

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Many brides love pink and there's no reason you can't deck your day out in a shade of it. Think Victorian old fashioned Christmas.

You can do a luscious shade of rich or a baby soft pastel pink and pair it with silver or white for a charming look. Just be sure to select a pink that is not day-glow. Fluorescents are not the best choices for a classic wedding.

Gold and Navy

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You certainly can't go wrong with gold and navy. These colors have a long history of working together to make a splendid and elegant showing.

You can do navy velvet with gold tasseled table cloths or do gold table cloths with navy napkins. Your dress can even feature a navy blue sash and you can wear gold jewelry.

Black and Silver

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Using black and silver will automatically make your wedding look dramatic and well done. Especially for a New Year's wedding!

The colors are so classic and formal. Use them in any combination to silver toasting flutes and black bows on the chairs to black plates with silver trim.

The ladies can wear black dresses with white accents and you can add a black bow to your gown. A truly refined choice.

Gray and...

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You can pair gray with just about any color and have it turn out well. It's such a neutral tone that you truly can't go wrong. Try gray and black, or gray and burgundy. Gray works wonderfully with pine green too.

Gray can be very upscale whether it's a shade of charcoal or barely one step down to silver.

Red and Green

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Somewhere along the line red and green are going to cross your mind. Why not experiment with traditional holiday colors? You can do red and green plaids for a very posh and finished look. Big swags of red and green plaid against a solid color like navy work well. You might want to include plaid bows on your bouquets or as simple accents at each table.

A plaid charger dish would work well at each seat too, and if you like your colors straight up, why not opt for ornaments and other decor in everyday red and green? You can find so many cute tree trimmers that will double as wedding reception centerpieces. A red bouquet of roses trimmed with holly or pine will always look stylish, or place pine boughs with holly berries as part of your theme.

There are no set rules as far as color. It's your day. Why not have the colors you love? Chances are if you love it, you'll make all the right decisions in what to add and what to leave out.

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