Silver & Blue Color Scheme - Inspiration for a Winter Wedding

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When planning a winter wedding, no colors seem more fitting than silver and blue. These colors can be very elegant additions to your wedding decor. With so many shades available, you can create a silver and blue fairytale in every little detail. Here are a few ideas for ways to incorporate these beautiful winter shades into your wedding.

Silver and Blue Wedding Inspiration
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The Wedding Dress

While white is beautiful and typically traditional, why not try for a shade more in the silver hue?

It can still look white as you make your grand entrance, but the shimmer and sparkle of the silver will shine through, and you'll find that it is truly gorgeous.

If you're not sure you want to go with a silver wedding dress, then why not have your bridesmaids wear silver gowns with blue sashes? The options are really endless. You could even do blue gowns with silver sashes! The sky is the limit when it comes to bridal party attire.

You can also always add silver jewelry, hair accessories or gorgeous pins to your bouquet as well.

The Flowers

Blue and Silver Flower Inspiration
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You can create a beautiful bridal bouquet of flowers in your wedding shades of blue and silver. Great florists can find you any flower at any time of year, so dare to dream! Opt for silver roses or gorgeous blue irises.

Or, add in little blue velvet or blue satin ribbon. Include holly leaves in your bridal bouquet to add a bit of winter. You can also use faux pearls or gems in your bouquet, pin or glue them for a glamorous feel.

Silver and Blue Flower Ideas - Gorgeous Bouquets

Reception Tables

Blue and Silver Table Inspiration
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You can really spruce up your guest tables with these color accents too.

Try silver table cloths with a blue velvet or satin table runner? You could even go with sheer blue runners for something different. Your dishware could also be silver with midnight blue trim.

If your caterer doesn't have anything like that, you can visit a discount or restaurant supply store. You won't want to pay for for a room full of china, so just add an accent plate or creamer cup in blue with a silver accent.

Make sure you request your caterer set these aside for you at the end of the night so that you don't lose them in the chaos!

The Wedding Food

Bringing your color scheme into your meal isn't as hard as you might think it is! Simply print your menu on blue or silver stationery and place at each guest's seat. You can even offer a first course that is color-suiting, a blueberry sorbet would look lovely, or at the end of your meal, offer gourmet chocolates or decorated cookies with colored icing. You can use minor accents like blue fruits in the salads too. A simple detail like a silver doily under the appetizers on a blue tray can really create a dramatic look.

The Centerpieces

Blue and Silver Flower Inspiration
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For an elegant touch to each table, fill a tall glass vase with water that's been dyed with blue food color. Add a little for a light blue, or a lot for dark blue. Then, add silver glass beads to the bottom of the vase and voila! Just add flowers!

If you don't want to do flowers in your wedding centerpieces, you could instead do blue flower stems or sticks, a battery-powered fountain, or even just silver floating candles. If you really want to surprise your wedding guests, fill large glass fishbowls with blue or silver gravel and of course some fresh water. Then for the kicker, place silver or blue fish in each bowl. At the end of the night, it's likely that your guests will want to take them home. Go ahead and give them away or raffle them off as a fun finale.

Wedding Favor Ideas

For winter wedding favors, you can really add your personal touches that involve your color scheme. Silver and blue favors are very common and are easy to find! You could give your guests an engraved silver favor frames with a photo, or use them as place card holders.

Looking for something edible? Try blue or silver colored, winter-shaped cookies. Bakeries can make you any shape and design you would like, all you have to do is ask! Alternately, you can give cupcakes, silver fortune cookies or simply go with blue and silver chocolates tied with ribbons.

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