Winter Wedding Colors and Planning Ideas

Winter wedding colors and planning ideas

Winter wedding colors and planning ideas

Winter is a beautiful time to have your wedding. Picture the white, sparkling snow and the cool, crisp air; it will make for beautiful photos and even more beautiful scenery in real life! So when it comes to planning the wedding and everything that goes along with it, I've prepared some unique ideas that any bride would adore!

From the wedding gown to the winter wedding favors, you'll leave this lens with plenty of ideas to get your planning started.

Beautiful Winter Wedding Gowns

Choosing a winter wedding gown is a little more difficult than choosing one that might be for a warmer season. You want it to be not only beautiful, fashionable, but warm too! There are many beautiful wedding dresses out there with sleeves that would be warm enough for a winter wedding.

Winter Snow Themed Wedding by anna-nemesis

But if you'd prefer a sleeveless gown, that's okay too. Just make sure that you find a wrap or a stunning coat to wear in your photos and in transport to your ceremony, reception, etc.

Here are some gorgeous ideas for both styles.

Winter Wedding Color Themes

There are some beautiful color schemes you can use for a winter wedding. This includes a gorgeous red velvet with black, midnight blue and silver, or an emerald green and black. These are all formal colors as well, and will look stunning on your bridal party.

If you're having a Christmas or holiday wedding, you might even dare to have red and green; Christmas colors! I've also attended a New Year's wedding where the couple chose black, silver and gold as their wedding colors! It made for a beautiful color scheme and I'm sure it was easy to find decorations for the holiday as well.

Winter Wedding Cakes

You heard it right, it's not a party without a cake! And there are so many different ways you can decorate your cake (or have an alternative to your cake!) First, you can decorate your cake with snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen, or even Christmas lights! The options are endless, as you put your creativity and personality into it!

If you're looking for an alternative, consider having a s'mores bar, hot chocolate bar, decorate-a-gingerbread-man bar, or even just pumpkin, cherry and apple pie bar!

Winter Favors

hot cocoa favorsBe sure to thank your guests for braving the cold and attending your wedding. There are so many options out there, but I'm going to share my absolute favorites with you.

First off, who doesn't love a favor they can eat? Try cookie favors that you can decorate with your wedding theme! Your guests will love having a snack to eat whenever they'd like. If you're looking for something a little different, how about giving your guests personalized hot cocoa favors? These come in packets personalized with the bride and groom's name, and you can choose the design you want on them such as snowflakes, snowmen, or a cute little mr. and mrs. cocoa mug!

Of course there are plenty of options beyond edible wedding favors. You can send your guests home with cute tree ornaments, snow globes, custom lip balm, and other festive favors.

Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

There are hundreds of winter wedding decoration ideas. For your ceremony, for your reception, to your centerpieces and beyond! There are lots of ways to incorporate your winter theme into your decorations.

Some of the most-loved decoration ideas include things like wreaths, fuzzy centerpieces, snowflake garland, and of course sparkle Christmas lights around the hall and on the head table. Use pine and greens around your centerpieces with candles to incorporate the winter scenery. Spray long sticks or branches with silver or gold spray paint and tuck them into tall vases for an elegant centerpieces. You can even add red berries to any of these things for a magical touch.

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