Sapphire Blue Wedding Inspiration

Charming Sapphire Blue Wedding Theme

#MontageMonday is here and of course that means sharing a great color scheme with you for inspiration on your upcoming wedding! Today's color palette focuses on sapphire blue and complementary tones. It's a great theme for a winter wedding around this time of year. And it's definitely not out of the running for a gorgeous fall wedding either, as the hues are very earthy and almost close to a jewel tone.

Let's take a look at today's inspiration board and see what kind of ideas come into play!

Charming Sapphire Blue Wedding Theme

This color palette is so fun because it's vibrant, bold and beautiful!

Shades of Sapphire Blue

This blue is just so incredible to look at. It pops undeniably against any color and it looks great on all skin tones. Not only that, but it doesn't wash you out as many colors have the tendency to do when you are wearing them. Obviously this bold hue is a great main color for your wedding, and it's a great center point for the whole day.

Lighter shades of blue are great for accents and complementary decor. Use them for accessories, table runners, flowers, and other parts of your day that are secondary to main items. It's a great way to bring it all together without being overwhelming with one color.

Shades of Posie

Deep pink is a great color to pair with your sapphire blue. It is a great choice for your bouquet and will bounce well off of your sapphire blue bridesmaid dresses. To bring this color into your decor, consider using it in your wedding favors, drapery, photo frames, or even table linens. Use it slightly less than you use sapphire blue, but more than you use your accent colors (light blue and light pink).

With an even balance of all the colors in your palette, it will make for a stunning atmosphere and backdrop for your big day!

A special thank you to Arb Design for creating this fabulous inspiration board!

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