Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Personalized Pocket Knife
groomsmen gift ideas
Together with some of my party planning colleagues, I've put together a list of our favorite groomsmen gifts. Many grooms feel a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of finding great gifts for all the groomsmen and ushers in the wedding party. We hope that this list of ideas will help quell some of the anxiety.
The most important thing to remember is that you should choose bridal party gifts that are tailored to his specific interests. For instance, if he is into sports, consider tickets to a sporting event or a sports themed gift item. Secondly, keep in mind that you do not have to give the same gift to all your groomsmen. Some of them may like lighting up a cigar while others may detest smoking. Just make sure that you spend the same amount on each of them if you decide to get them each something specifically tailored to their style and hobbies.

#1 Personalized Pub Signs

Pub signs are one of our favorite groomsmen gifts because there are so many different theme choices available so you can easily choose one to fit each man's style. Plus you can choose either a traditional rectangular style or a more contemporary style depending on the overall feel of your wedding.

Personalized Pub Signs

Themes available range to Texas Hold 'Em to Irish Pub to Sports to Martini Lounge. Every guy likes to claim his own personal space in the basement or garage and what better way than with a personalized pub sign? You can add their last or first name to the signs to make them extra special for each of your groomsmen.

#2 Jewelry For Men

Consider giving your groomsmen a gift that they can use again and again as well as on your wedding day. Gifts like personalized cufflinks and pocket watches that are engraved with their name, initial or monogram are a great way to thank them for standing up for you on the big day.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Give them all a set of cuff links and your entire group will coordinate perfectly. Best of all, they'll love wearing them on formal events in the future.

#3 Personalized Key Chains

Men usually love their cars so giving them a car-related accessory is always a hit. Engraved key chains are a hot groomsmen gift this year and when you combine a key chain with a golf divot tool or a bottle opener, you've got a sure fire winner!

Personalized Keychains for Groomsmen

Personalized keychains are available in a wide variety of finishes such as brass and silver plated as well as fabrics. You can add the initial or monogram of each groomsman.

#4 Engraved Barware

When it comes to barware, there are a wide range of groomsmen gifts available. Choose to flasks in every color of the rainbow, gold-rimmed glass sports mugs, tall grand pilsner glasses, shot glasses, and even martini glasses.

Barware gifts for groomsmen

And the customization options are endless as well. You can have most items engraved either on the glass itself or on a pewter emblem. In addition, several online companies also offer glassware that can be customized with his favorite sports team logo like the Minnesota Vikings or Boston Red Sox.

All of these different personalization and customization options enable you to tailor the engraved glassware specifically to his style.

#5 Groomsmen Apparel

Giving the groomsmen, best man, and ushers in your bridal party t-shirts designed specifically for them is a good gift idea. As with many of the other groomsmen gift ideas that we like, t-shirts can be customized to fit the theme of the wedding as well as the likes and dislikes of each individual guy.

groomsmen shirts

T-shirts are available for Vegas weddings, Irish themed weddings and more. And there are many styling and customization options so be sure to checkout all the groomsmen t-shirts online.

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#6 Personalized Lighters or Humidors

With the popularity of cigar smoking on the rise, it is likely that your groomsmen enjoy having a stogy every once in a while. For the true cigar aficionado in the group, a customized humidor is a great gift choice. You can buy them in any number of themes including golf, poker, Nascar and other sports.

Groomsmen personalized gifts

Another great option is personalized zippo lighters that are engraved with his name, initial or monogram. They are usually available in several styles and finishes.

#7 Personalized Poker Case with Chips

Many online companies sell stylish personalized poker sets that include the gaming case, high-quality poker chips and decks of cards. With the ever-increasing number of men who gather on Friday or Saturday nights for a game of Texas Hold 'Em or Seven Card Stud, this is a popular groomsmen gift.

personalized poker set

You can buy personalized poker sets where the gaming case is silver plated with engraving or customized with a specific theme such as billiards or sportsmen. In either case, you can normally add the groomsman's name to make it extra special.

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#8 Engraved Pocket Knives

Engraved pocket knives or multi-purpose tools are a traditional groomsmen gift that remains popular today. The versatility and compact size of these tools make them an excellent choice because guys can easily carry them around in their pocket.

Personalized Pocket Knife

Most knives and tools feature sturdy stainless steel construction that holds up over time and they can be engraved with his name, monogram or initials.

#9 Sporting Event Tickets

Men and their sports teams - most of us women don't quite get why men love sports so much, but they do. With that in mind, we decided that tickets to a sporting event deserved a place in our Top 10 groomsmen gifts.

baseball tickets for groomsmen gifts
Photo credit: Express Monorail / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Whether you give all your groomsmen tickets to the same event so you can all go together or you tailor it specifically to his favorite team, your groomsmen will love receiving tickets as a thank you gift.

#10 Personalized Money Clip or Wallet

If your groomsmen are the stylish-type and worry about looking fashionable, a personalized money clip or wallet would likely be right up their alley. Numerous styles are available ranging to genuine leather that is usually foil-stamped with their initials or stainless steel that can be engraved with his name, initials or monogram.

engravable money clips

You can also buy groomsmen gift sets that include both a money clip and watch, keychain or wallet. Available to Wedding Favors Unlimited.

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