Unique Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

unique bridal shower favor ideas


unique bridal shower favor ideas

Bridal showers are such a fun part of preparing for the wedding. The bride and all her family and friends come together to celebrate such a special time in their lives.

After all the fun and games, when the bridal shower is winding down, guests will be reaching for their coats and purses. Have something lovely on hand to give them as they depart. Place your unique bridal shower favors on a table during the shower so that they make a colorful display that adds to the decor.


heart-shaped measuring spoons


When two hearts become one

You can find inexpensive heart-shaped candle, candy, and soap favors. There are even heart shaped trinket boxes, measuring spoons and paperweights.

Try to match your theme as closely as possible when deciding on favors. If your theme was pink, go with pink hearts.

When opting for heart-inspired bridal shower favors, your options are nearly limitless. There are so many choices, you shouldn't have a hard time finding favors that fit your theme well.

Planning a Bridal Shower - Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas

, Unique Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Tea or Coffee

Scrumpets Optional

You can find individual tea tins or personalized coffee favors that will look lovely displayed and guests will enjoy bringing home. Tie them in ribbon that matches your theme to keep it all tied together.

If you want to go the extra mile, purchase some inexpensive mugs to the dollar store or a craft store. You can give them away plain with the coffee or tea, or you can add your own designs to the mugs to make them custom.

Shaped Cookies

Take a bite out of life

, Unique Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

You can find lovely iced cookies in just about every shape. They come individually wrapped so guests can take them home to savor. You can find something that fits your theme to wedding dresses to wedding cakes to shoes. Select icing colors that match the theme.

The cookies will of course, add to the decor of the bridal shower, but it will also take away some stress of planning desserts. It's a win-win! And if you're lucky, maybe there will be some left over.

Purses filled with...

Goodies they didn't know they were missing

Stylish Manicure Set Bridal Favors

You can find dainty little purse favors and fill them with candy or soaps or nail polish. Choose something that matches your theme. If you had a kitchen shower, include a small bottle of lovely scented dish soap, a tiny bottle of balsamic vinegar or a set of decorative measuring spoons.

If you have a spa shower, you might want to include a small manicure set or some bubble bath. There are tons of inexpensive gifts out there that can contribute to the theme of the party without you having to spend a fortune.

Take the Cake

Making sweet treats so great

You can find cake-shaped favors in exciting designs. Cake-shaped towel favors look like real cake slices and when wet fluff up into hand towels. There are cake shaped candles, cookies, purses and more. Tie the cake theme in closely with the colors you used for your theme.

The actual cake is also your chance to get creative and let your mind go. Use the couple's personality, wedding colors, and other little touches to make the cake a one-of-a-kind treat for the shower. You can go as big or as small (cupcakes) as you want, and there are many options out there to choose to to fit the bridal theme perfectly.


Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Personalize It

Personalized candles for favors

Making Favors Special

You can have just about anything personalized these days. Going this route will allow you to tie in with your theme and choose to a selection of customizable lip balms, M&M candies, candles, totes, gum, jelly beans, water bottles and more.

There are some very creative ideas out there for this. You can even have a caricature of the bride and groom printed onto a mint tin.

Use your imagination and plan early to allow yourself time to get the personalized wedding favors printed and shipped out to you.

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Useable Goods

lipstick and sticky note favorsChoosing the favors that last

If you want to go practical, you could offer pen favors or customized notepads to each guest. They're useful and clever, especially when they are personalized for your big day!

For example, we have a great lipstick pen and sticky note set that you can use throughout the shower and then guests will marvel their usefulness as they take them home.

You can also opt for over-sized diamond key rings or even shoe-shaped purse hangers. The sky is the limit!

, Unique Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Go Green

Love the earth

, Unique Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

If you want to keep your favors green, offer seed cards. These are paper cards embedded with seeds that the guest can plant when they get home. Shapes come in a wide range, so you're sure to find something to match your decor. You could also offer heart-shaped birdseed favors. They will look divine on the table and guests can go home and feed the birds in their yards.

Mini plants are also a nice idea. You can pot up a little beauty yourself for each guest, or you can opt for a tiny tree sapling to the Arbor Day Foundation or other source. Guests will feel good accepting this thoughtful and lively gift.

How to Throw a Unique Bridal Shower

Beach Favors

Flip Flop Photo/Placecard Holders

Have a beach blast

If you've opted for a beach wedding, there are many ways to keep the theme going with your favors. You can offer shells, beach-themed candles, starfish, coral, sea themed cookie cutters, flip flop note pads, or small bottles of sun block.

Bath fizzers in the shape of shells or seahorses make a lovely favor. Check out discount stores for small beach-themed items at the end of the season for best deals.  You can simply buy some little tin pails or organza bags to present the soaps or fizzers to your wedding guests.



Watching over you

Angel bridal shower favors

Angels are everywhere, and there's nothing cuter than a chubby cherub. You can find everything to soap to key chains to chocolates adorned with the winged cupids.

Select a pair of white-winged angels to represent the bride and the groom as they fly off into their new life together.

No matter what you end up choosing, have fun with the day, and it will be one to remember for years to come.

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