Country Western Style Wedding Ideas

country western wedding inspiration

country western wedding inspiration

It is going to be a regular ol' hoedown, but how exactly are you going to accomplish that delightful feat? If you are looking to throw a country western style wedding, you need to find the colors, the decorations, and the clothing that fit the theme, while maintaining a formal wedding air about it. It's easy if you consider the parts of a wedding and individually address how each can be handled to accommodate your theme.

The Attendants

All Spruced Up

When most people think of country western, they think of denim, cowboy hats and boots, large belt buckles, and paisley handkerchiefs. So, you need to adapt this to the wedding format. You might begin by choosing a dress of paisley. While this is not a traditional wedding garb, if you opt for a cut that is slightly traditional in the country western pattern, the outcome could be pure perfection.

The fabric could be blue, red, or even purple paisley; just remember that the color you choose here, you will want to also bring in throughout the event so that everything is tied together nicely.

Get Inspired - With Country Chic

Country western wedding inspiration
Image by Haylie Arb - Arb Design

Wedding Party Attire

Country-Worthy Apparel

For the groomsmen, it is traditional to wear a tuxedo or dress pants; however, for a country western theme, you may feel it necessary to choose denim for the men. If the pair of jeans selected is clean, nice fitting, and consistent to one man to the next, the effect could be very nice.

country western wedding
Image by a_real_horrorshow_devotchka on Flickr

In order to match the bridal attire, choose a shirt in a matching paisley, or even better, choose a solid color that coordinates well, with a paisley handkerchief in the pocket. For instance, if the women in the bridal party are wearing red paisley, then you might choose a white shirt, with a red paisley pocket square. Depending on how far you intend to take the theme, you might opt to have the men dressed in matching cowboy boots and hats as well.

Country wedding
Image by jig o'dance on Flickr

Yee Haw Decor

Deck Out the Barn

What do most people think of when reminiscing about the old west? Cattle, horses, saddles, lassos, and horseshoes are typically the first things that come to mind. Consider incorporating these elements to some degree. However, beware if you go overboard with these design schemes, the day might lose the wedding feel. So, assuming you are using red, consider a white tablecloth with brown and white cow print runners and delicate white flower arrangements at the start, and continue to incorporate smaller details of the western theme. For instance, you could use personalized handkerchiefs as napkins, folded to contain the silverware at each place setting and don't forget your country wedding favors.

More Inspiration - Straight to Flickr

Image by MissSarah2010 on Flickr
Image by MissSarah2010 on Flickr

Intermission - Link Inspiration

  • Country Wedding Favors
    Offers Western wedding favors and rustic country theme party favors such as horseshoes, cow print, cowboy hats and more!

Country Favors & Decor - Glam it up!

Going Country

Country Chic

Lasso rope could be secured in swags across the edge of each table to add a bit of visual interest and the wedding favors could be horse-shaped chocolate wedding favors contained within a simple cellophane bag and tied with red- and white-checked ribbon. These kinds of simple methods of drawing in the theme to comfortably surrounding you wedding will ensure that the appropriate wedding aura is maintained but that the theme also rings true. In this manner, the end result of your planning will be that you are free to enjoy your ceremony and the square dancing to follow.

Carry Your Theme

Image by minka6 on Flickr
Image by minka6 on Flickr


Country Eats

The country theme isn't all about glam and luxury. So if you're thinking you want to carry your theme into your food, then don't both going overboard, keep it simple! Set out a fruit dish for appetizers. I've even seen venison, cheese and crackers are an appetizer before! For the meal, what are country boys known to sing about? Chicken. Cornbread. Most commonly, meat and potatoes. So serve just that! Keep to your theme and you'll have the perfect little set up!

cowboy wedding cake
Image by sweetpea0613 on Flickr

And of course, the cake needs to incorporate your theme too! This cute cake uses cowboy boots and a horseshoe to bring the wedding theme together. Isn't it adorable?

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