Spring Wedding Flowers for Bouquets and Centerpieces

spring wedding flowers and centerpieces

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spring wedding flowers and centerpieces
Spring flowers are a great choice for bouquets and wedding centerpieces. They offer a wide arrangement of colors and patterns. Shapes and sizes vary also and mixing and matching species can really bring out color and texture. Some species have bright vibrant colors that can be use to accentuate muted color patterns. Spring flowers are also frilly and whimsical, with these flowers bouquets and centerpiece can be made to look like fantasy pieces.


So Lovely

The fluted flowers are a wonderful choice for a wedding. Tulips are a spring flower with a wide variety of color options. They can be arranged in multi-color patterns or in solid individual arrangements. Tulips provide a wide variety of color options and can used to accentuate center pieces or used as the subject matter. Tulips also have a wonderful smell that is sweet and airy. This feature will add another pleasant element to festivities.

Spring Flower Bouquet Options


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These flowers are soft and warm. Color schemes are usually two toned with a dark colored center with softer outer layer flowers. This can then be used throughout the proceedings with multi-colored dresses and suits, and table settings and wall coverings deriving to the color pallet of the daffodil.

The word Daffodil in some cultures means good luck and fortune, so this theme can be written out on vases and table setting. Daffodils have a very soft scent and not to overpowering.

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Orchids are one of the most common flowers on the planet and their colors, shapes, and sizes are very diverse. However, they're also typically a little more expensive.

If the wedding is a tropical themed wedding than orchids can fit that need for creative color and elegant look.

If the wedding needs lots of beautiful colors and rich textures orchids can fill that need as well.

Orchids can be bred to just about any color, and with their alien like features add wonderful symmetry to any place setting or bouquet.

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Oh So Pretty

The scent of a lilac is one of the most recognized flower scents around.

With their beautiful full arrangements and wonderful aromas the lilac is a wonderful choice for centerpieces and bouquets.

Lilacs come in purple and white mostly. These two colors are wonderful for wall arrangements and table settings.

Lilacs also take up a lot of space so center table arrangements can really look lavishing and massive.

Lilacs can also be arranged with other flowers to create borders and backdrops for wonderful photo opportunities.

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Iris wedding flowers
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Purple, gold, white, orange, black, and red all make up the colorful pallet of the Iris. This flower has beautiful colors and aromas. Iris scents are often used as aromatherapy and relaxation scents.

For wedding reception table decoration, Irises really fit the bill. Gold and white Irises with their beautiful petals and wonderful aromas will compliment any table setting.

These colors can be carried over into wall coverings clothing colors. Along with their beautiful scents and colors, are the shapes of the Iris. This can be brought over into jewelry and table settings.

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