Cherry Blossom Wedding Favors

cherry blossom wedding favor ideas

cherry blossom wedding favor ideas

You can get very creative with the favors you give out at your wedding. If you've chosen a cherry blossom theme, there are so many cherry blossom wedding favors to choose to.

It will be hard to pick just one, so take your time and choose something that really fits you and your fiance's personality. In the end, it's a simple little favor that you give your wedding guests to thank them for celebrating your special day with you.


Cherry Blossom Fan Favors

For Your Biggest Fans

If you're having a summer wedding, what better way to show off your theme than with cherry blossom fan wedding favors for the guests to take home?

If guests get hot dancing the funky chicken, they can cool themselves off with your thoughtful wedding favor!

They come in many pretty patterns and you can find them at online wedding favor websites for a very inexpensive cost.

You can also have a sticker pre-printed with your names and dates to adhere to the sides of your fans. Get creative and blow your guests away.


Cherry Blossom Candle Favors

They Smell and Look Beautiful

Candle wedding favors are always a nice idea for a special guest gift.

Your guests can actually use them and think of you when they do so. There are many nicely designed votive candle holders with cherry blossom themes.

You can also design your own if you are crafty. Use a stained glass type paint that works on porcelain or glass to paint on blooms.

More Cherry Blossom Ideas

Cherry Blossom Mint Tins


Mmmm, Minty

Another useful and thoughtful favor is the mint tin. You can decorate it with a cherry blossom theme using your wedding colors. You can also order personalized mint tins online with your names and date.

These personalized wedding mint tins would be especially useful if you decide to have garlic items in your entrees.

Bad breath is awful for a whole night, ease the worries of your guests by providing them with these minty treats.

Choosing Favors

Choose wedding favors that suit you and your to-be-husband. Your wedding should really showcase your style as a couple and your interests together. Another aspect to consider is if your guests can use the favors again once the wedding is over.

Disposable Cherry Blossom Wedding Camera


Snapshots of The Night

Disposable cameras are found at just about every wedding. You can buy them with cherry blossom decor all set to go.

Leave one for each couple or one for each person depending on your budget.

Your guests can take pictures all day and then bring them home and have them developed after the roll is done, which makes for great memories and a fun little reminder of your special day.

Don't be surprised if you get a bunch of great photos in the mail! Your guests will love to share the fun moments with you and your new spouse.

What a beautiful addition to your wedding album, to have all kinds of different photos of the reception that you would have never had!


Cherry Blossom Soap

Practical and Pretty

You can find cherry blossom soap favor designs online. These are popular favors as they not only smell sweet but they look pretty on the tables at your reception. Tie a soap or two up in tulle and secure with a pretty ribbon in your wedding colors.

Another option is to put them in favor boxes, your guests can bring them home and use them everyday and think of the good time they had at your wedding.


Cherry Blossom Chopsticks

Let the Theme Reign

What better way to include your chosen wedding flower than by giving away cherry blossom chopsticks?

You can purchase the sticks with cherry blossoms already on them and have your names and dates engraved as well. This idea works especially well if you are serving sushi or other Asian inspired dishes at your reception.

Your wedding guests can then take these items home as a creative memory and use them again if they're so inclined!

Water Bottles

Thirst Not, Dear Guests

cherry blossom water bottle labelsYou can order cherry blossom labels designed to go on water bottles. You have your names and dates printed on, then you secure them to purchased water bottles.

They will look darling on your tables. And guests will thank you for the water when they come off the dance floor. What type of water bottle is up to you.

You can either purchase bulk bottled water and use the labels on there, or purchase aluminum water bottles for all your guests. It's all going to depend on your budget.

Cherry Blossom Wedding Gown Inspiration

Cherry blossom wine glass shades

Wine Glass Shades

Something New?

An unexpected touch is the paper wineglass shade. These come with cherry blossoms printed on them and they are designed to fit over the wine glasses at the reception tables.

When guests walk in, they will find a darling sprinkling of understated flowers at every setting. You can choose to have the guests remove them, or you can fill the wine glasses with lit votives so the blossoms shine through the shades. It's up to you.

Favor Boxes

cherry blossom favor boxes

Traditional and Classy

Cherry blossom favor boxes are blank canvases for your creativity.

What you put in it depends on your own unique style. You could put tea bags, mints, chocolates, small candies printed with your names, or a candle.

There's no limit to the ideas you can come up with. Sit down with your groom and see if he has any ideas that his friends and family would like. You may be surprised at the things you come up with!

Favor Box Thinking

Favor boxes are so simple and easy to use as wedding favors. Extend your theme, your colors, or just a fun, common interest that you and your hubby-to-be really like. You can put nearly anything into favor boxes, and they're always a beautiful token of your appreciation.

cherry blossom dish favors

Small Dishes

Simply Reuseable

Another nice way to end your ceremony is by giving guests a little dish with cherry blossoms to take home.

You could include personalized chocolates on it and wrap it with ribbon and a silk cherry blossom. Or you could place a candle or a soap on the dish and wrap it in tulle.

The sky's the limit. The dish will be a nice reminder of the day and your guests will be able to use them time and again afterwards as well!

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