Asian Themed Wedding Ideas

Asian Themed Wedding Ideas
Asian Themed Wedding Ideas

Setting the Stage

Thinking about going with an Asian wedding theme? Many couples are these days. Maybe your fiance is Asian, and you're not. Perhaps you're Asian and he's not, or you both are! Or maybe you just like the simplicity and loveliness of the theme. Regardless of why you are drawn to an Asian backdrop, your day can be filled with all the charm of this lovely continent with a few great touches.

The Elephant

Elephant Wedding Favors

For Good Luck

In some Asian cultures, the elephant is considered good luck. You may want to include the elephant as the major focal point of your theme because you can tie it in so many ways. You could have elephant shaped candles on the tables, elephant embroidery on napkins or tablecloths, elephants imprinted on your wedding favors.

Of course, you won't want to go overboard with trunks and tusks everywhere, but a little detail here and there will go a long way to setting the mood.

A Day at an Asian Wedding


Fan Wedding Favors

Everywhere are Fans

Everyone thinks of Asia when they see a beautiful fan, and it's fairly easy to incorporate fans into your decor. See if there are any family heirlooms that relatives will allow you to borrow.

If not, you can purchase fans in various sizes. Include a large fan in back of the head table as a beautiful focal point.

Smaller fans can rest on the guest sign in table and be given out as favors at each place setting. You can even work fans into your centerpieces. Pair a fan with calla lily wedding favors or orchids at varying heights. Add a candle, and you've got a lovely table topper.



Bamboo Wedding Favors

Truly Tropical

Bamboo is a lovely symbol to incorporate because you can use it in so many ways. You can place long bamboo stalks around the reception hall and include a bamboo plant for each guest.

You could also place bamboo candle holders with votives all around the hall. There are many eco-friendly favors and gifts you can give out at the end of the evening.

A lovely thing about including real bamboo is that it helps create a more tropical mood. Live potted plants will also look delightful strung with lights.


Dipped Fortune Cookies

Good Fortune

It's In Your Future

You may want to include fortune as a theme of the day. Fortune cookies that you have specially made with your names and dates inside or hand-written fortunes are always a good idea.

Companies online have personalized fortune cookies for you in many flavors and colors. You also might want to hire an Asian fortune teller so guests can have fun having their futures read.

Large or small, you can get fortune cookies made to any size you want. Keep your eyes open and do your research and you'll be able to put together something special for your big day.

Asian Wedding Favor Ideas

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Cherry Blossom wedding favors

A Garden Oasis

Cherry Blossom & Orchids

Why not create your own little garden retreat at your reception hall? You can have a gazebo (a small one will fit in your reception hall) and decorate it with butterflies and herons.

The dragonfly is also a traditional Asian symbol. Why not give each guest a dragonfly-shaped place card or a dragonfly soap as your cherry blossom wedding favors? Garlands and along with orchids or any silk flower will work well to add that garden feel.


Kimono Wedding Favors

The Kimono as Art

Dream it, See it

Kimonos are so lovely, and even if you aren't planning to wear one, you can decorate with them. Bring in kimonos of all pattern and decor and make you start thinking.

Why not place them behind the head table against the wall? Use a trellis to hold them up, and you could even weave some flowers into the trellis. It'd be a beautiful backdrop perfect for your wedding theme.

Offer smaller kimono favors. Have kimonos printed on your invitations and napkins. You can have a lot of fun with this theme!


Jade and Coins

Jade and Coins Favors

The Little Touches

Two symbols of Asia are jade and inscribed coins. Why not infuse your theme with both of these? Jade comes in many colors, and you can cheaply find items to include. Use an inexpensive jade ring at each place as a napkin ring. Sprinkle some coins at each table for good luck. Use jade pieces to family and friends to decorate the guest book table and as centerpieces. Drape some low-cost jade bracelets around a vase and fill it with blooms. String coins along with lanterns for a jovial feel.

Asian wedding favors, along with your Asian wedding theme, can make your special day a wonderful event for both you and your guests.

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