Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas

Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas
Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas

Nothing says spring has sprung like the beautiful blooms of the cherry tree. Having a cherry blossom themed wedding is one of the big trends this spring wedding season. Known in English as Sakura, the flowering cherry tree is native to many countries in Asia including Japan, China and Korea. Although there are over 200 varieties of Sakura in Japan alone, the most popular cultivar is the Somei Yoshino whose flowers are nearly pure white tinged with just hint of pale pink near the stem. The flower coloring lends itself especially well to a white on white, pink and white or even a trendy pink and chocolate color scheme.

There are so many ways to pull the cherry blossom theme into your big day to the bridal attire to cherry blossom wedding accessories to the wedding reception decorations. We wrote this post to give you some great ideas to add this beautiful and elegant flower to your wedding day.

Wedding Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme for your wedding is one of the first things that a bride and groom should do when planning the event. A cherry blossom theme gives you a wide range of possibilities. The most popular colors are pink or white - the traditional colors of cherry blossoms. Based on my experience, chocolate brown and pink, sage green and pink, white and candy pink, lavender and white and sage green and white are the most popular. However, wedding stores have a wide variety of other colors available for their cherry blossom themed accessories.

Personalized Cherry Blossom Stickers
Photo Credits: Personalized Wedding Stickers to Wedding Favors Unlimited

Cherry Blossom Themed Invitations

Cherry Blossom Themed Invitations

Photo Credits: Invitations By Dawn

Choose a style that fits your personality!

Set the tone for your wedding before your guests even arrive by using cherry blossom printable wedding invitations. Whether you buy a kit and print your own invitations to save a bit of money or go to a professional printer, you can create gorgeous and elegant invitations. For that extra special touch, buy some cherry blossom scented spray giving each invitation a light misting prior to sending them out. Guests will love opening their sweet smelling invite!

Blossom Inspired Wedding Gown

Blossom Inspired Gowns

The bridal gown at the right is to Tamara Katz features a cherry blossom branch and butterfly embroidered motif in hues of tan and white.

What a great choice for a casual cherry blossom themed wedding. Or how about going with a white dress with light pink accents to tie into the theme?

And for the bridesmaids...

For the bridesmaid dresses, consider utilizing traditional dresses that feature cherry blossom embroidered sashes in your color scheme or accessories that do the same such as a necklace, earrings, shoes or a purse.

Don't forget to add Asian inspired parasols and sandalwood wedding fans. They are great not only for props for your wedding photos, but also in tying your theme together in a unique and fun way.

Check out these great cherry blossom wedding ideas that are currently featured on The Knot: My Real Wedding to The Knot and The Nest.

Cherry Blossom Themed Wedding Accessories

Cherry Blossom Themed Wedding Accessories

Many online and local wedding shops offer a wide array of themed wedding accessories such as those shown above with their cherry blossom theme. If you'd like a more subtle Asian flair, consider using accessories that have your color scheme incorporate such as a pink accessory set and add some of your own personal touches like a silk sprig or two of cherry blossoms. Whatever you decide to do, accessory sets are great because all of the items such as the flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, guest book, etc will all be perfectly coordinated for you.

Cherry Blossom Themed Reception Decor

Cherry Blossom Themed Reception Decor

Photo credit: Silva Avniv at Flickr

One of the most popular ways to decorate reception tables is to have large vases filled with stems of cherry blossoms. Because real cherry blossom stems are nearly impossible to find (because the flowers only last about 1 week each Spring), most brides opt to use realistic looking silk flowers that can be purchased at many local shops.

Another option is to use branches that are lit with small strings of lights and small silk flower petals. In either case, creating tall arrangements will create the illusion of cherry blossom trees like those that line the tidal basin of Washington DC during the National Cherry Blossom Festival each Spring. Add some tall floating candle holders around each vase along with a generous sprinkling of color coordinated petals on the table for a stunning presentation.

Cherry Blossom Wedding Video - For a little inspiration...

Cherry Blossom Lanterns

cherry blossom lantern
Image Credit: Paper Lantern Store

For more informal or garden weddings, consider lighting and decorating the area with hanging Asian style paper lanterns. You can find these lovely round lanterns at many online shops and they come in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Looking online for lanterns? Check out The Paper Lantern Store.

More Cherry Blossom Decorating Ideas

You can incorporate cherry blossoms into your wedding tablescapes by choosing beautiful tableware that has a floral scheme like these crystal glasses to Macy's that are etched with beautiful cherry blossom patterns.

A less expensive option to large vases of silk flowering tree branches is to create unique one of a kind vases filled with any type of flower that matches your color scheme (such as carnation and tulips). They look great and still create a beautiful centerpiece.

Instead of using a traditional guest wish box, consider creating a branched tree with pieces of paper tied with ribbon where guests can write their well wishes to the newlyweds. It makes a great keepsake and looks fabulous at the reception.

Wedding Cakes with Cherry Blossoms

cherry blossom wedding cakes

Honestly, I can't think of a better place to show-off the cherry blossom scheme at the reception than through the wedding cake itself. As shown in the above photos, a professional cake designer cake create extraordinarily beautiful and realistic looking flowering cherry branches right on the wedding cake. Incorporate your wedding color scheme into the mix through the use of ribbon and icing colors.

Wedding Cake Photo Credits:

Cherry Blossom Wedding Favors

Cherry Blossom Wedding Favors

Giving your guests a memorable wedding favor can be as easy as ordering them online to company's like Wedding Favors Unlimited or making them yourself to create a unique one-of-a-kind gift. The theme can be seen on items such as cherry blossom wedding favor fans, mint tins, jars of lip balm and hand cream, cherry blossom chopstick favors and more.

If you are on a tight budget, shop the under $1 budget favor section or consider creating your own favors. One idea is to buy tulle circles or favor boxes that match your color scheme and then add a cherry blossom favor tag or round sticker that is personalized with your names and wedding date. The wedding favor boxes and tulle can be filled with any sort of candies that match your color scheme (e.g. pink M&M's or Jordan almonds). You can even add a silk cherry sprig tied on with matching ribbon as well.

Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas

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