Elegant Wedding Favor Ideas

Elegant wedding favor ideas

Elegant wedding favor ideas

Giving Beautifully

Your wedding is your day to shine. You want every detail to be perfect, right down to your elegant wedding favors, and you want them to be elegant and lovely. You'll be so thrilled when you look out at the reception and see your tables sparkling with purposefully chosen gifts for all your guests.

Silver and Gold

Expensive Seeming

When you have gold or silver favors, it automatically sends a message that they are upscale. While they may not be made of the precious metals, they can look like they are. Small frames, charms, key chains, and other small items can look positively regal when done in a silver or gold tone. Gold will look warmer and silver will look cooler; just plan according to what matches your theme and decor.

, Elegant Wedding Favor Ideas

High End Foods

Going Gourmet

If you want your guests to remember that you had elegant favors, think small and edible. Guests will remember one bite of a divine chocolate wedding favors rather than a bigger box of a lesser confection.

You can have one Godiva chocolate wrapped in foil at each place. Or you can have brownie pops decorated as a bride in a gown and a groom in a tuxedo. (Salt and pepper shakers in porcelain also come dressed as a bride and groom.) The more decorated an item is, the more festive and high end it will look.

Go for gourmet cookies that are richly scrolled with frosting or candies that look painstakingly handmade. You can find truffles dusted with stencils that look very expensive.

If you are offering an edible, make it one that your guests wouldn't find in a store and buy themselves. Just remember to provide something guests can eat at or soon after the wedding or in their hotel room so your confections won't melt.

Gourmet Edible Favors - Yummies For Your Guests

Photo Gifts

, Elegant Wedding Favor Ideas

Unique & So Personal

Have a professional photographer take a great black and white photo of you and your fiance well ahead of the wedding. Then, let your imagination go wild. You can have that photo made into coasters, key rings and even sprayed onto cookies and cakes with edible frosting.

Or you can simply put it in quality mini favor frames. Search online for other options for photo printing on favors. You can even get your picture put on a Rice Crispy square these days!

Look around for unique products for your photo, and your guests will have a memorable keepsake of your special day.

More Favor Ideas - Yum, Yum!

  • Elegant Wedding Favors
    Find elegant wedding favors with a classy and sophisticated feel. Your guests will love to take these home after the party.
, Elegant Wedding Favor Ideas

Simple Goodness

Keep it Local

Often the simplest ideas are the best. Is there a local craftsman or bakery that makes a specialty that you can only get in your area? Maple sugar candies, jams, spreads, or honey jar favors that are produced locally are great choices.

Guests will really appreciate that they're getting a treat they can't find at home. Does the local general store carry a product that is made in your hometown? A simple thing like a pewter ornament sold only in your town is a really unique idea.

What to Leave Out

What NOT to Give

Skip anything that has too many pieces or is flaking or peeling. Test out a sample of your favor before you order them in bulk. See how it travels in a box (you'll have to get it to the reception somehow, right?). See if it chips or dents. Stay away to anything that will look inexpensive close up. Make sure you have checked expiration dates on any candy or edible party favors you plan to give out. There's nothing more embarrassing than a guest discovering their treat expired six months ago.

Sometimes warehouses keep products well past sell dates, so be sure to check. Anything that won't travel well is a bad idea too. Remember, your guests may have to put your favor in a suitcase for the flight home. You don't want anything that will burst or break in their luggage.

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