Ideas for Cape Cod Wedding Favors

anchor cookie wedding favors
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The Perfect Favors for Your Cape Cod Destination Wedding
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One of the most exciting times in a woman's life is getting to plan their wedding. It can be a real dream to plan a Cape Cod wedding. If you've spent every summer there as a child, it would be the perfect place to start a new chapter of your life with your new family in the place where your own has made so many memories.

You might want to immediately run to Pinterest for nautical inspirations while only thinking of Cape Cod potato chips. While this may be a special day, keep in mind how to make it an enjoyable time for all your guests by including little favors to thank them for being apart of the most important day of your life.

A smart woman plans wedding favors for the rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, reception and the after party, now while this seems like a lot, your guests will appreciate it and make sure its something unique! Thankfully Cape Cod wedding favors have a wide variety of creative ideas.

Shell Shaped Chocolate Favors

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Starting with the rehearsal dinner favors, sea shells shaped chocolates are always a go to! With a fewer audience than the actual big day a nice little "thank you" favor to your wedding party and close family members. To make it a little more personal you can include a nice, heartfelt message along with your sea shell shaped chocolates.

Local Snacks

Cape cod chips favors
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Next favor you will have to think of is the cocktail hour favor, and a local treat is a great idea for a Cape Cod wedding favor. A little snackis a good idea to hold your guests over until they make it to reception! Some local favorites include the Cape Cod Potato chip baggies, you can order them in a small one hundred calorie baggie or wrap them up in a smaller bag with a blue and white striped ribbon to go with the nautical theme of Cape Cod.

Another idea for cocktail hour is to have a nautical glass to hold your guests cocktails in, a nice wine or whiskey glass can make for a cute and classy wedding favor that can be engraved with either a nautical theme such as an anchor or a helm or a map of the wedding venue.

Homemade Wedding Favors
Homemade Wedding Favors
Little limoncello bottles and pizzelles are great snacks and drink favors that the guests can enjoy. They both look beyond delicious and bring out a little taste of the nautical theme. Use a custom tag for each of these with wedding details to also incorporate the nautical theme.

Nautical Bottle Openers

anchor bottle opener
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Now for the favors that everyone looks forward to; the reception favors! To let people know where they are sitting can be as creative or simple as you would like. This part of the wedding can really show off the nautical/cape cod wedding favors to really remember the wedding.

Bottle openers are always a good go to, a nice anchor bottle opener or a scallop shell wine bottle stopper would look very nice and very hard to forget exactly where the wedding was held. While bottle openers are always a good idea for a wedding favor, you can also have another nautical themed favor such as a sea shell, scallop, or mussel shell with candle wax or a small bottle filled with sea salt straight out of Cape Cod.  Everyone loves a candle wedding favor! Add little personalization tags on the bottle. The opportunities are endless!

Edible Treats Wedding Favors

anchor cookie wedding favors
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After all of the celebrating we have finally reached the after party, were the party continues even more! While this isn't always included in every wedding, the guests definitely appreciate it for a destination wedding, why let the party stop at the reception right? This is your day to celebrate!

Cookies are always a go to, after all you have given out cute favors throughout your entire special day which aren't exactly cheap but a nice starfish or silver dollar shaped sugar cookie will be a nice treat.

Incorporating a map of the wedding is another cute idea so people will remember exactly where you were married. Mark the exact location with a heart. Thankfully a map of the wedding location can be put on a number of different items such as koozies, bags, votive holders or any other idea your heart desires.

Cigars and Custom MatchbooksMarina Wedding Favors

Cigars are a great after party favor to have at your wedding. Guests can take and smoke them outside at the party, or take to enjoy later. If any guests don't smoke, they can still take a custom matchbook home to use with their favorite candle. Incorporate an anchor or other another nautical detail on the matchbook along with all your wedding details.

Other Nautical Touches

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To start off the reception you can be as creative or simple with the seating arrangement as you would like. Consider painting the names of your guests with their table numbers on the inside of a scallop or a mussel shell.

While this idea is super cute, you'll need to have a steady hand and the patience of a saint. Another idea would be a sailors knot with the names and table numbers could be very creative as well as a cute keepsake!

Source: L'Arabesque Events

Now that you have all of your favors taken care of, its time to think of Cape Cod themed décor for your wedding. An emergency kit including snacks and mini shooters for the bride and groom in a nautical themed bag is the perfect gift for yourselves.

You can have sailors knots, sea shells, helms and anchors for as far as your wedding hall can go. Don't underestimate the power of nautical rope, it can be used for napkin wraps, picture frame outlines, or just the perfect accent decoration.

Including all of your small accent pieces, there is nothing cuter than a nautical themed saying on a weathered piece of wood such as "you're my anchor in life's ocean" or "in high tide or low tide I'll always be by your side" to really top off the perfect Cape Cod wedding.

There are countless ideas for Cape Cod wedding favors. Is there any that we missed? Tell us in the comments below!

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What a pretty wedding. The photographer did a great job capturing their wedding day.


There are so many good ideas here not only for a Cape Cod themed wedding but for any nautical themed wedding! I love all the Cape Cod-specific snacks.


What a great article by Wedding Favors Unlimited! I love how specific your articles are but there are so many great ideas for making weddings special and unique


I really liked the idea of having a customized sticker on our treat bags like with the pizelles. Is that something you offer on your site for customization?


We have sooo many personalized sticker options, check them all out here!