20 Cheap Bridal Party Gifts for Bridesmaids

bridesmaids slippers
Source: Inside Weddings

Getting married is supposed to be a joyous occasion, it’s a time where you invite your friends and loved one to bear witness to one of the most special moments of your life. As you begin to plan your wedding, and your wedding party, you choose your bridesmaids and begin to think of gifts for bridesmaids as a way to thank them.

As a young bride-to-be, this is your special moment, which is of course why you expect everything to be perfect. From the décor, floral arrangements, catering, and even seating have to be meticulously organized, but at the same time, you shouldn’t fret over every minor detail. When it comes to choosing your bridesmaids, it’s important that you take your time and only pick people who you can truly count on. Many women will spend thousands of dollars on gifts for their bridal party, but if you’re working with a limited budget, here are some well-thought-out yet cheap gifts for bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Bracelet

bridesmaids bracelet cuff
Source: Amazon

Although a bracelet as a gift idea may seem simple, they can also be so much more. Bracelets can be cute, playful, and fun, but they can also be a meaningful, well-thought-out gift idea. If you have a large bridal party and if you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a gift, a bracelet is an affordable, yet practical gift idea. Gift them with one with a personal message, so they can think of your friendship each time they wear it beyond the wedding.

Monogrammed Cosmetic Bags

personalized cosmetics case
Source: Etsy

As women, there is nothing we love more than our makeup, from lipstick, mascara, blush, and eyeliner, we love it all. A problem many of us typically encounter is, where am I going to put all this? This is why a custom cosmetic bag is the perfect gift idea for a bridal party. You can order a completely customizable bag with their name and any color or specifications you want; it will cost you far less than a watch or designer handbag.

Nail Kit with Candles

Manicute kit bridesmaids gift
Source: DHgate.com

As women, there is nothing more important to us than having beautiful nails, if you're shopping for gifts for your bridal party, a nail kit is something they’ll all equally appreciate, you could even throw in a candle because what women doesn’t love candles?

Personalized Tote

bridesmaids totes
Source: Etsy

The only thing better than a customized cosmetic bag is a completely personalized bridesmaids tote. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a designer bag; you can have a completely personalized bag ordered online, for each member of your bridal party, along with their initials or any other personal touches you like. A tote is a gift that bridesmaids can use over and over!

Terry Cloth Robes

Terry cloth bridesmaids robe
Source: Classy Bride

Personal bathrobes are luxurious, comfortable, and will make any person feel like a million bucks. It’s a gift each of your bridesmaids will appreciate and cherish for years to come; you can even have their names embroidered on the back; this is a gift that screams practicality without breaking the bank.

Kimono Bridal Party Robe

kimono robes-for-bridesmaids-
Source: Pinterest

When the words, kimono robe come to mind, the first thing you imagine is basking on a Caribbean white sandy beach, drinking a Mai Tai, while gazing off into the sunset. It also makes a great gift idea and can be something your bridesmaids can wear while getting ready for your wedding day. They make for a lighter weight version than a terrycloth robe for morning of getting ready.

Personalized Bags

bridesmaids duffel bag
Source: Etsypersonalized bag

A personalized bag is an easy, yet affordable gift idea. There is nothing that shows you care more than a personalized gift because it’s easy to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a thoughtless overpriced gift, but a personalized gift is uniquely special and is something each of your bridesmaids will love. This can replace their purse, or they can use to haul their accessories and such for their day of wedding needs.

Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop Bridesmaid Necklace

Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop Bridesmaid Necklace
Source: Earrings Nation

Since they were introduced in the 70s, rhinestones have continued to go strong. These beautiful imitation stones also make a great fashion accessory. If you trying to decide on what gifts to get your bridal party, you should consider, rhinestone necklaces, it’s an affordable gift idea, that they’ll love and you can have them double as the accessories they will wear on the wedding day.

Scented Candles

bridesmaids candles
Source: Wedding Favorites

This one is my personal favorite because when it comes to gifting, there is nothing better than receiving a candle. You can literally spend $100 on candles and everyone will leave with a smile on their face. There are a variety of different types of candles, that range in size and shape; scented candles, tea candles, snuffers, floaters. Candles are a simplistic, easy, and most importantly affordable. Pair with a cute matchbox to really take it to the next level.

Personalized Bridesmaid tumblers

bridesmaids tumblers
Source: Etsy

Rather its Merlot, Chardonnay, or Pinot Noir, there is nothing I find more relaxing than a nice glass of wine, but you can’t necessarily drink it straight from the bottle, which is why tumbler glasses make a delightful gift idea. Tumblers are tall, handle-less glasses that help keep your drinks cool. They also will double as a way to hold your morning cup of joe!

Mason Jar Glass

bridesmaids mason jars
Source: Personal Creations

Mason jars are a classic, yet, timeless gift idea, that people have been gifting for hundreds of years. If you’re looking for an easy, yet affordable gift idea, you can’t go wrong with matching mason jars. Engrave each of them to personalize each bridesmaids, and they are universal enough you can give matching ones to the groomsmen!

DIY Necklace with a Sweet Note

Source: The Wedding Outlet

There no gift more thoughtful and caring than custom jewelry. A customized necklace is a great way to show each member of your bridal party your appreciation, and will sure to be worn far beyond the wedding day. Nothing makes a gift feel more unique than a special note included.

Nail Polish

bridesmaids nail kit gift
Source: Pinterest

Another fun and affordable gift idea for your bridal party is nail polish because there is nothing less flattering than chipped and sad looking nails. A nail kit is a great way to keep those nails sparkling and glamorous. Add in a fun DIY girls spa night with your bridal party and share your colors!

Framed Photo

bridesmaids picture frame
Source: Little Things by Lucy

A photo is designed to capture a moment in time, so you can treasure it for years to come and later pass down to further generations of your family. A framed photo is a uniquely sentimental gift that your bridesmaids will each love.

DIY Hangover Kits

DIY emergency kit
Source: Happy Box

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning with a hangover, where you’d rather crawl under the covers and stay in bed. A DIY hangover kit may seem a bit comical, but it will confidently come in handy after a long night of drinking. Include hangover remedies such as gum, vitamin water, a bottle of aspirin, and a packet of Tums.

Personalized Bridal Hangers

personalized bridesmaids hanger
Source: Amazon

The idea of personalized bridesmaids hanger. may seem a bit cheesy, but in all actuality, it’s the perfect gift for a bridal party, especially if you’re on a limited budget. It will remind you of the moment when your best friend got married, and will be an excellent photo opportunity to get all the bridesmaids dresses hanging together nicely the morning of your wedding.

Beauty Care Gift

Beauty care gifts, such as ear plugs, hair ties, sleep mask, etc are a great, easy, and useable gift idea for a bridal party, especially if you’re going to a destination wedding that requires spending 2 hours on a plane. Include anything you might need for a flight, or mini versions of things to abide by airplane regulations.

Make Bath Salt Gifts

bridesmaids bath salt
Source: The Little Flower Soap Co

Most people do not realize how easy it is to make your own bath salts, you don’t need to spend $50 on a bath salt gift basket; you can easily make your own bath salts at home. All you need is Epson salts, baking soda, and a few drops of essential oils; you can also add a few drops of food coloring. Add a personalized tag and you've got a picture worthy gift!

Lavender Spa Gift Basket

spa basket bridesmaids-2
Source: 100 Layer Cake

There is no better way to unwind than spending a day at the spa, which is why spa gift baskets always make a great gift idea. Include all you need for a DIY spa day at home, bath salts, essential oils, loofahs, soaps, lotions, or perfumes.

Bridesmaids Slippers

bridesmaids slippers
Source: Inside Weddings

If you are looking for a gift for your bridal party, you should always look for something that is not only useful but also practical. Slippers are a great gift idea, they help keep your feet cozy and warm during the winter and it's also a gift that won’t require you having to spend hundreds of dollars. Have your bridesmaids all don them the morning of for a cute getting ready photo opportunity.

This shows that you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to find an awesome gift. What really matters isn’t how much money you spend, but rather the thought that goes into the gift. From candles, framed photos, or a pair of slippers, these are all great ways of showing your bridal party their appreciated.

What did you gift your bridesmaids for your big day? Tell us in the comments below!

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