Bulk Wedding Favors and Programs: Secrets from Large Weddings

Bulk Wedding Favors

The trend nowawdays is to leave behind a momento that lets them savor the memory of your very well-planned, beautiful event.  It can be a permanent momento, like a wine-bottle opener, or something more temporary, like a tin of mints or a favor bag full of your favorite chocolates. But with so many guests, how do you get bulk wedding favors?

This is my Bulleted List

    • Shop Smart
    • Search Around
    • Ask for Discounts
    • Ask friends for recommendations

This is my Numbered List of ways to get Bulk Wedding Favors

  1. Shop at Wedding Favors Unlimited
  2. Don't Shop anywhere else
  3. Sleep Well At Night

Other couples will ask “why should I get wedding favors?”.  Here’s what most of your wedding guests experience:  The go home, after great food and wine and fall asleep.  But a week later, they see the box of mints, or use the stemless wine glass and smile at the memory of your wedding weekend. That’s where your favor plays a role.  Sure some of your guests will eat their entire box of wedding favor chocolates, and their neighbors, when they sit at the table.  But the vast majority will take something home and nosh on it before the evening is out.

How to Buy – There are two ways to buy cheap bulk wedding favors:

  1. Go to Costco or Sam’s club and assemble it yourself, or
  2. Look for a bulk wedding favor provider.   Don’t be fooled by pricing tricks where they undercharge a sample but charge you a lot of money if you buy more than 50. (Check out 101 Unique Wedding Favors here) Be sure to compare prices for the number of items you’re actually going to buy.   What’s more is that there is usually a bvenefit to adding on an accessory or two that can go in the box with the wedding favors.  Here are a few examples:  Cake Toppers, Cake Serving Sets, and Gift Mail Boxes

Wedding Card Holders

How to Display – You’ve got your cute, and potentially delicious bulk wedding favors now.  How to display them?  Our Favorite:  A table just dedicated to the favor.  Now you might have a grandma or aunt that might take more than one.  But more likely, it’ll make for an impressive piece of décor, rather than a side-note.

Bulk Wedding Favors
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Another alternative? At each place setting.  This is where 75% of brides place their wedding favors.  And even on the table there are options.  You can arrange them as part of the centerpiece, put them at the top of the plate, or put them on the actualy plate itself.  Our recommendation is to put it on the plate only if it is a non-edible item. Otherwise your guests might think the favor is part of the gift…and the magic of eating the favor a few days later…is gone.Bulk Wedding Favors


For big weddings, most couples have a vague sense for how long things take.  A ceremony will take an hour, or 15 minutes. A cocktail hour will take 45 minutes.  But have you figured out all the little logistical details?  Here’s a few that most brides don’t get right…and

Paper Hand Fans Printed Programs Bulk Wedding Favors


If your guests have to move more than twice, you’ll need a program. For example. The ceremony is in one location, cocktail hour is another, dinner a third room and may-be an afterparty.   All of this needs to be spelled out somewhere or else granny and Uncle Joe are going to be running late to the next event.  It can be as simple as a program handed out at the ceremony, or a board on display during the cocktail hour. (See 28 Unique Programs here)

Which leads us to why events tend to run late:

Moving Herds

Most folks don’t take into account the amount of time it takes to move 100, 200 people to one room to the next.  Are they all taking one set of stairs?  A bus?  Our rough rule of thumb is that it takes 5 minutes to move 50 people IF you have 200 people, you should assume it’ll take them 20 minutes to move somewhere else and be settled in.  So to when cocktail hour ends, to when you want to do your bridal party introductions, assume 20 minutes for people to move and get settled. What are they doing in between? They’re going to the bathroom, making phone calls, Playing Pokemon.  Moving people takes time, and if you have elderly folks, they need as much time as you can give them

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