2017 Wedding Trends Survey

2017 Wedding Trends

Couples in 2017 are making different decisions, reveals a survey of 1,500 Brides in the Wedding Favors Unlimited 2017 Wedding Trends Survey

In its 5th year, the survey reveals Grooms are making more wedding decisions, Brides choosing more personalized décor options and a stronger reliance on Wedding Planners.

BOCA RATON, FL —(MARCH 27, 2017) – Today, David Annie, Senior Vice President of Wedding Insights at Wedding Favors Unlimited – the leading Wedding Favors Company in the World – announced results to its 2017 Wedding Trends Survey, the definitive analysis of wedding traditions and attitudes.  Since 2012, Wedding Favors Unlimited has conducted this comprehensive survey which provides trends and key insights in shifts in established and emerging trends of weddings in America. This study includes national and local statistics including how brides spend to decorate their wedding, how couples plan their weddings and the traditions they choose for their big day.

“Wedding Favors Unlimited is proud to present the 2017 Wedding Planning Survey. Our survey this year showed significant changes in what decisions couples make and how they plan.  Brides are reporting that Men play a much larger role in wedding décor decisions, with 47% participating in key design decisions, up to 29% the year before. Technology is a critical part of managing guests, with over 25% forgoing traditional paper invitations. Wedding Planners are increasingly helping Brides execute their plan, reaching a new high.” David said.  “Bridal décor has never been more relevant in personalizing a wedding day and WeddingFavorsUnlimited continues to be a significant source for Wedding Favors and Décor.”

Key Findings

Grooms Playing a Bigger Role - Results of the 2017 WeddingFavorsUnlimited Wedding Survey show a significant increase in male involvement across all aspects of wedding planning.  Males are no longer relegated to just planning the honeymoon.  Brides said 47% of men played a strong, or very strong role in wedding décor decisions, nearly doubling to the year prior, the highest rate ever surveyed.  Men especially are playing increasing roles in selecting cakes or desserts (55%) and picking colors (45%).  Men continue to dominate traditional roles such as managing technology (89%), the music (75%) and logistics (72%)

Technology is a key part of most weddings - 89% of weddings had some form of online presence for their weekend. During the wedding, 77% of Brides reporting using either Facebook or Instagram as a means for guests to sharing pictures.  Technology has also started to play a key role in planning with 89% of guests using an online service or tool to plan their wedding for seating layouts, guest list management décor and budgeting.

Brides are more practical with wedding décor - The average couple spent $5,578 on non-food décor.  The average budget for flowers has decreased 9% to 2016 to $2,541.  Women are doing away with extravagant details in favor of more personal symbols such as practical wedding favors (68%), non-traditional desserts besides cakes (48%) and signature cocktails (34%).  Certain items have trended lowers for six years in a row, including bouquet/garter tosses (15% of brides), handwritten place cards (15%) or guest books (38%).

Deeper Findings

Men Playing a Role in Weddings

  • 91% of Brides said the Groom played a significant role in planning a wedding. This has remained steady for the past three years
  • Men are most involved in food decisions, music and technology, with over 75% involved in those categories. Fewer than 20% of men are involved in flower selection or invitations
  • 90% of women said men take the lead or sole role in technology, alcohol, transportation planning.
  • The percent of men involved in food decisions has skyrocketed in the past four years, increasing to 51% in 2013 to 89%.

Weddings & Technology

  • The top three ways couples used technology were a website (82%), an electronic invitation (26%) and a Facebook event page (18%)
  • 11% of brides sent no paper invitations, nearly doubling to the prior year as brides take to the internet to more quickly to easily disseminate information
  • Couple are engaging with their guests more often, over 72% of Brides said they mass-emailed their guests at least once before the wedding to prepare their guests. 58% emailed their guests more than once
  • 68% of Brides use Facebook to share pictures either privately or publicly with friends and family
  • The Internet has become a critical way for evaluating vendors. 85% of Brides used Yelp or Google to evaluate vendors and read reviews.
  • Hashtags have increased in use, but only 48% of Brides said they planned on using a hashtag for their wedding in the new year.

Wedding Decor

  • Wedding details are a critical component of wedding planning, but have shifted into new areas. Fewer women are focused on wedding reception flowers (78% down to 85%), flower centerpieces (65% down to 83%) and table linens/place settings (35% down to 50% the year before).
  • Brides have instead shifted their interest to other areas. 35% of Brides plan on buying their bridal party a small gift, up to 19% the year prior.
  • Women are also strongly considering wedding cake alternatives. In 2012, only 10% of women chose something other than a cake for dessert.  In 2017, 31% of brides are planning an alternative for of cake, whether it be cupcakes (12%), pies (5%) or a unique signature dessert (15%). Cakes tended to be regionally focused, with large cities preferring alternatives to cakes (38%) vs suburban areas (15%).
  • Wedding Favors continue to evolve as well. While over half of women are considering Wedding Favors in 2017, they have evolved to traditional candies and candles to more practical gifts such as bottle openers/kitchenware (35%), edible favors (32%) and personalized glassware (22%)
  • Other details remain popular for wedding decor, with 68% considering unique cake wedding toppers, 31% using customized or unique table signs/numbers, 30% using unity candles, 29% buying unique candles for tables

Wedding Planners

  • Planning for a wedding is full of tough decisions and over the years, Brides have relied on their mothers and girlfriends for the bulk of planning. Over 68% of Brides say their mothers are heavily involved and 54% say their girlfriends play a significant role in planning for the details of the wedding.
  • But Wedding Planners are on the rise. Over 54% of women considered using a wedding planner of some sort, and 34% ended up hiring a wedding planner.
  • When Brides used a Wedding Planner, they considered a Wedding Planner one of the best values for their wedding weekend, ranking third after music and their wedding dress.
  • Of Brides that did not use a wedding planner, it was the number one decision Brides regretted: 67% wished in retrospect that they had a wedding planner to make their day easier.
  • Wedding Planners were most important for bigger weddings. For weddings under 50 people, only 9% of Brides used a wedding planner. For weddings larger than 150, 58% used a Wedding Planner.
  • Wedding Planners play all sorts of roles. When Brides used Wedding Planners, they hired them as full-service planning agencies 28% of the time. (Full-service meant: vendor selection, décor selection and day-of services) Brides used Wedding planners for ‘day-of’ services 62% of the time.
  • 89% of Brides gave their Wedding Planners a gift or a tip.

Other Findings

  • Brides shared with us their issues with wedding planning. Their top three pain points during wedding planning were: Parental Interference (83%), Vendor Negotiations (68%) and Food Selection (66%)
  • The average Bride visited 8.3 venues during the venue selection process.
  • Some traditions appear to be out for good, for the fourth year in a row, the majority of Brides planning to marry in 2017 were not having their ceremony in a religious setting (only 35%), doing a garter toss (22%) or having a wedding car (19%)

Additional Data and Insights available upon request.  Permission granted to use data, if cited with URL link.  Please include link to this page as a reference or to https://www.weddingfavorsunlimited.com


2017 Wedding Trends

Methodology - 2017 Wedding Trends Survey

For the 2017 Wedding Trends Survey, respondents were women ages 18+, either married in 2016 or to be married in 2017. Brides were asked a subset of 128 questions about the event and their planning process. The sample included women who have visited WeddingFavorsUnlimited.com or the WeddingFavorsUnlimited Facebook page, representing more engaged and married women than any other wedding favors site in the world. Respondents were surveyed between December 1, and February 15, 2016. All qualified respondents attested that they were 18 or older. Survey respondents represent a variety of ethnicities and educational and income levels, and are geographically dispersed across the country.

About Wedding Favors Unlimited

Wedding Favors Unlimited is the nation’s leading wedding favor and wedding supply store for couples, wedding decorators and wedding planners searching for affordable wedding supplies online. The Florida based team searches worldwide for high-quality favors at low prices and pairs it with award-winning customer service to help tens of thousands of Brides decorate their wedding. The trusted brand reaches over 1 million couples a year through its wedding website: www.weddingfavorsunlimited.com.


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