Cheap Groomsmen Gift Ideas under $20

This Spring’s wedding season is on its way and lucky couples are preparing for their big day. Everywhere, couples are sampling cakes, picking out attire with matching colors, reserving venues and more. They are making plans for their honey moon, wedding ceremony, and rehearsal dinner party.

It is customary for the bride and groom to give wedding party gifts to their bridesmaids and groomsmen after the rehearsal party to thank them for participating in their blessed day and as a remembrance for the occasion. Brides and bridesmaids have been exchanging gifts for ages. The bridesmaids usually offer the bride the traditional something borrowed, something old, something borrowed and something blue. While the bride usually giver her bridesmaids jewelry to wear on the special occasion.

That is simple enough, but what does the groom receive and give to his grooms men on this special occasion. Listed below is a list of cheap groomsmen gift ideas, that are appropriate to exchange between groom and groomsmen on this special occasion.

1. Personalized Decanter

Engraved Decanter
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited
Engraved or not, basement or family room bar deserves a nice liquor decanter or decanter set to hold your favorite beverage. Receiving a decanter with the information and date of the blessed occasion will spark a conversation with your friend each time you visit and share a drink.

2. Engraved Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

Every man will be honored to receive an engraved pocket knife as a grooms man gift. Most men carry a pocket knife on a regular basis. They will use their pocket knife for everything from cutting fishing wire to opening packages. Your grooms man will always remember you and your special occasion each time they use it.

3. Moscow Mule Copper Mug

moscow mule mugs
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

Classy Moscow mule copper mugs are a wonderful collection piece and keep beverage cold or hot. They are perfect to serve hot toddies in on a cool night. Each time your grooms man drinks from their mug, they will remember the special time they shared with you.

4. Glass Flask Personalized

glass flask
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

A personalized glass flask that can fit in your jacket pocket is a special gift for your special friends. This is a personal gift and they may fill it with your favorite drink to share with you on any occasion.

5. Mini baseball bat personalized

Mini Baseball Bat
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

Each grooms man will appreciate a personalized mini baseball bat to commemorate the great hit and run you are making marring the love of your life. This is a nice, kooky gift that will show your humor about the occasion and your appreciation to your grooms men team.

6. Cooler Duffel Bag

Cooler Duffel Bag
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

Your friends will appreciate a cooler duffle bag as a commemorative gift for your special occasion. When your friend will use their cooler duffel bag, they will remember your special day and be thankful for being a part of your wedding party.

7. Personalized Cufflinks

Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

Giving cufflinks to wear on the special occasion not only makes your groom party more uniformed in dress but they are also a very stylish re-useable gift. This is a gift that will remind your grooms men of how classy you are.

8. Personalized Flask & Zippo Gift Set

flask zippo gift set
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

This is an excellent gift set for your drinking and smoking friends. It not only will commemorate your special day. And it will show your friends just how much you really think about them.

9. Personalized Cooler

A personal cooler is a great gift for your friends, as a groom men gift. Each time your friend fills the cooler or takes something out of it, he will think of you and your special occasion.

10. Toiletry Bag/ Dop Kit

leather toiletry bag
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

Giving a personalized toiletry bag is a nice gift to give grooms men. It gives them a place to put the toiletries. Your grooms men will remember you and your special occasion each time they fill it and use it for travel.

11. Box of Cigars

cigar box
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

A box of good cigars can be shared between you and your grooms men after the rehearsal dinner. This is a relaxing gift that can be shared with all your grooms men if you all partake in smoking cigars.

12. Poker set

Source: Remember Me Gifts

If your grooms men are your regular poker game friends, a nice poker set is a wonderful gift. Because you all play poker on a regular basis, it will be used often. And it will spark up conversation about your special occasion each time it is used.

13. Engraved Money Clip

money clip

Only the classiest of men carry a money clip. And giving money clips to your grooms men will show just how classy you are and how much you appreciate them being a part of your special occasion.

14. Cooler Chair

cooler chair
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

If you and your friends attend events together where you must provide your own seating, a cooler chair is a perfect gift for your grooms men. You and your friend will use it each time you go together to an event.


15. Personalized Dice Cup

engraved dice cup
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited
For your friends who love to play board games that use dice, a personalized dice cup is a thoughtful gift. Your friend can use this cup each time they play a board game with their family and friends.

16. Engraved Zippo Lighter

engraved zippo lighter
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

For your friends who smoke, an engraved zippo can be a perfect gift. Your friend will no longer have to bur disposal lighters. And each time he uses the zippo to light up, he will remember you and your wedding day.

17. Personalized Playing Card Case

engraved card case
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

A personalized playing card case is a great gift for your friends that play cards with you often. They can buy the cheapest deck of cards and dress it up by placing it in your commemorative case.

18. Valet Box

men's valet box
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

A beautiful valet box to place their jewelry and pocket change in is a special gift to give to your friends. They will place it on their dresser and remember your special day each day when they place their personal effects in it.

19. Bar Sign

beer sign
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

If your friends all have bars and you all frequently share a drink at each other’s homes, a decorative bar sign is an exceptional gift. They will hang your sign above their bar, and it will be a great conversation piece.

20. Cigar Case

engraved cigar case
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

If you and your friends enjoy an occasional tock on a cigar, a personalized cigar case is a perfect gift. They will fill and empty the case with cigars and remember you and your special occasion in mind, each time.

21. Socks

groomsmen socks
Source: Etsy

Socks are a practical, re-useable gift. All men were dress sock when they dress in suites or business attire. Matching socks will complement the grooms men’s attire on the special occasion.

22. Decanter and Rocks Glass Set

Decanter Set
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited
A beautiful glass decanter and rock glass set is a beautiful addition to any bar. Your friends will appreciate your gift and will be more than happy to pour you a drink from it when you return from your honeymoon.

23. Multipurpose Tool

multipurpose tool
Source: Weddings Favors Unlimited

A well designed multipurpose tool is a wonder addition to any man’s tool chest. Your grooms man will think of you and your special occasion each time he uses it.

24. Apron

camo apron
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited
A nice kitchen or Bar-b-que apron to a friend your know loves to cook is a wonderful gift. Your friend will use it when cooking indoors and outdoors. And when they do use it, they will probably invite you over for a fresh cooked meal.

25. Wall Mounted Beer Opener

wall mounted beer opener
Source: Etsy
A wall mounted beer opener to be placed on a bar is a special gift for your grooms men. Each time you visit your friend and he pop open a bottle on his commemorative opener, he will remember your occasion and have a conversation piece to speak on how well you treated him on your special occasion.

26. Engraved Flask

engraved flask
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited
An engraved flask is a special gift for your special friends. Engraved or not, it is something that your drinking friends will use often and think of you when they do.

27. Leather Wallet


personalized leather wallet
Source: Etsy

A nice leather wallet is a great gift for your grooms men. They will remember you and your special occasion each time they open their walled to pay for something or each time they put money in it.

28. Pocket Watch

engraved pocket watch
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Not only will a pocket watch make sure your grooms men are on time for your special occasion, it is also a re-useable gift. A pocket watch shows your taste in accessories as well as your concern that your friends are always on time.

29. Groomsmen Gift Set

Groomsmen gift kit
Source: Target

If you enjoy sharing an occasional beer or cigar with your friends, a box of beer or a cigar kit  groomsmen kit is a useful gift. It is a gift your friend can share with you as you go down memory lane conversating about your nuptials.

30. Personalized Shot Glass

custom shot glasses
Source: Etsy

A personalized shot glass is a great gift for your drinking friends. If you and your friends often drink shot, this gift will get a lot of use. And your friend will remember you and your wedding each time he uses it.

31. Bottle Opener Key Chain

bottle opener key chain
Source: Etsy

Having a bottle opener key chain can never be a bad idea. You never know when you need to open a bottle opener and having one your key chain can never be more convenient.

32. Matching Shirts

groomsmen t-shirt
Source: Etsy

Matching shirts to wear on your special occasion are a very nice gift for your grooms men. This will ensure the uniformity of your grooms men’s attire. It is also a re-usable gift that will remind your friends of your special occasion each time they wear it.

33. Personalized Bottle of Liquor

groomsmen liquor bottles
Source: Personalization Mall

A bottle of your grooms man’s favorite bottle of liquor is an excellent gift for your drinking buddies. It will be more than appreciated when it is added to your friends top shelf of his bar.

34. Personalized Beer Glass

personalized beer glass
Source: Etsy

Your beer buddies will love a personalized beer glass commemorating your special day. Especially if they drink beer often.

35. Personalized Koozie

groomsmen koozie
Source: Etsy

A personalized koozie to hold cold drink is a thoughtful gift to give to your grooms men. It is a re-usable gift and serves a practical purpose.

Any man will enjoy these special gifts and appreciate the gesture form you for giving a gift to commemorate your special occasion. Many of these gifts can be found online and in gift shops and specialty shops everywhere. The majority of these gifts can be purchased for less than $20 each.

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Wow! I was not expecting 35 different ideas but now I can do something personalized for all the groomsmen and make things individualized and unique


Everyone loves a personalized gift! Thank you for reading!


Would the personalization on these items put it over the $20 mark or is that included in the cost of them item? Great suggestions by the way


The personalization should be included - you can click the links to see the prices in more detail. Thank you 🙂


I'm really glad that not all of these gifts revolve around alcohol. I feel like that most groomsemen gift lists revolve around and that's just not what I want to do.


Thank you for reading 🙂