Humorous Wedding Cake Toppers - A Quick Guide to the Funniest Ones

funny cake topper

funny cake topperIf you’re like many brides-to-be, you could certainly use a good laugh on your wedding day, and what better way to do just that than to find a humorous wedding cake topper that will make you smile again and again? There are so many different choices out there that are sure to make you smile or even laugh out loud on your big day. Here are just a few.

The Groom Pinch: Looking for something just a little risqué? This is certainly it. As the groom stands solemnly at the ceremony, the bride can clearly be seen next to him reaching over to pinch his rear end. It’s one that will have you and your guests smiling again and again at the naturally cute gesture you know you’ll have in your mind throughout the entire ceremony.

Ball and Chain: The two of you may be in love now, but you are going to hear the idea of the old ball and chain again and again, and this cake topper was designed to celebrate just that. With this one, the bride is swirling a skeleton key on her hand while the groom sits next to her with a tiny ball bound around his ankle. The message here is a fairly clear one, and it’s one that will make both of you laugh, at least for now.

Roped Groom: Having a western style wedding? This will certainly be the perfect addition, and one that will make all of you laugh as well. With this one, texting couple cake topperthe bride has lassoed the groom around the ankle, clearly preparing to pull him to the wedding. The bride and groom do come as separate pieces, but it’s a great wedding cake topper almost any bride with a reluctant groom can relate to.

Texting Bride and Groom: If the two of you are like most couples these days, it’s tough to put down those cell phones, even on your big day, and this cake topper reflects that better than any other. In the passion of an embrace, both bride and groom have their cell phones out behind their partner’s backs texting someone. It’s a great way to laugh at the reality of your relationship, even on your big day.

Princess Bride Kissing Frog Prince: It may have only been a fairytale love for the two of you, but this is the perfect way to express it with some humor. Shaped like a tiara, the bride stands in the middle of this one, holding her frog prince preparing for that first kiss. It’s certain to give everyone in the room a good chuckle.

Geek Groom: Looking to say something about your favorite guy? This one is the way to go. The groom here has on his high water pants, pocket protector, and 1950’s style glasses. If he’s the love of your life, this is one funny cake topper you certainly don’t want to let out of your sight.

Cake toppers don’t have to be quite as traditional as they once were. Inject a little humor into your reception with one that makes all of you smile.

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