How to Recreate Meghan Markle’s Wedding Favor Goody Bag

Royal Wedding Gift Bags
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What Was in the Royal Wedding Bag?

The royal wedding captivated millions around the world as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared their vows on the long-awaited day. It was a modern-day fairy tale, transforming Meghan to a well-known celebrity to a beloved princess. The royal wedding is an occasion to be remembered for decades. To emphasize this point, the wedding favor goody bag provided at the wedding have been garnering numerous bids on sites such as eBay and as a result, selling for extravagant prices. What wedding favors did these bags include?

1) A Welcome Letter

Royal Wedding Gift Bag Ideas

Adding a welcome letter to their wedding gift bag was a fantastic, personal touch. Though the guests present at the castle were likely already greatly honored to be there, the letter showed further gratitude for the individuals who wanted to wish the royals well on their big day. A welcome letter shares warmth and goodwill.

2) Customized Windsor Castle Water

Meghan Markle Wedding Bag Idea

Even the smallest items feel extravagant when they come to the royal family! Including a custom labeled water bottle is a practical gift with a fancy twist, which is exactly what most people appreciate in a wedding favor.

3) A Customized Chocolate Coin

Meghan Markle Wedding Gift Bags

Including an oversized chocolate coin with the gift bag surely brought joy to all the guests. Not only does this provide a sweet treat, but it is unique in its large size and customization, making it memorable and appreciated. Chocolate coins bring out our inner child and what better occasion than at one of the happiest events: a fairy tale wedding!

4) A Fridge Magnet

Royal Wedding Party Favors

This may seem like a basic gift, but how many people actually sport customized magnets in their kitchens to the royals? This was a creative touch to the goody bag as it resembles a souvenir and will serve a practical purpose while reminding guests of where it originated and of the couple who selected it for their special event.

5) Shortbread

Royal Wedding Party Favor Ideas

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t enjoy shortbread, and this may be especially true among the British. Shortbread is a light treat and a true compliment to the wedding festivities. This is a fantastic idea as the shortbread was baked specifically for the guests that day, which honors them for their presence, and provides a tasty snack afterward.

6) 20% Off Coupon for the Windsor Castle Gift Shop

Meghan Markle Wedding Party Favors

We imagine most of the guests would enjoy selecting a souvenir to the Windsor Castle gift shop as a memory of their esteemed trip to the wedding. As they would likely be stopping by already, it would be exciting to find a coupon for the shop in their gift bag! It’s always wonderful to save a few dollars, especially when travel has already been involved for an event. It is touching that the royal couple recognized this!

How to Recreate the Bag

Gift Bag Ideas Royal Wedding

There’s no ignoring the delicate class and creativity of Meghan & Harry’s wedding goody bag. It was thoughtful, creative, and practical. Beyond that, it was beautiful, and certainly a treat for those honored to attend the nuptials. If you have an upcoming wedding or party and would like to take inspiration to Meghan Markle’s wedding decor, we have a few ideas for recreating the bag!

The Gift Bag

Royal Wedding 2018 Gift Bags

To start, you’ll want to decide on the perfect bag for your occasion. Naturally, if you are planning this bag for a wedding favor, something white and delicate would certainly work well. You could even consider a custom bag with the bride’s and groom’s names or a sweet quote about love. If, however, you are planning a birthday party or a similar occasion, consider something cheerful and colorful to add a splash of fun. Finally, for either situation, you’ll want a bag that feels fairly strong, but not bulky.

Personalized Water

Royal Wedding 2018 Gift Bag Ideas

Meghan & Harry’s personalized water bottle was a fun and practical gift. Everyone could use water, and it’s truly not very common to find a customized label on bottled water! Your guests will fondly remember your party or wedding and appreciate the inspired favor.

Personalized Chocolate

Favor for Royal Wedding

How fun would it be to open your bag after an event you’ve attended and find chocolate with personalized wrappers? The smallest details can make the greatest impression, and that’s certainly true with customized chocolate. It’s always fun to see the extra effort that the host put into their event. Mere chocolate would be a great wedding favor, but personalization certainly brings it up a notch!

Personalized Edible Favors

Edible Royal Wedding Favors

Perhaps you like the idea of personalized chocolate, but you’d like to take it a step further with unique edible wedding favors. Though your thoughts may initially drift to candy, there are numerous other options available! How about personalized miniature bags of coffee, tea, or cocoa? You could even include a lemonade mix, cocktail mix, or set of cookies! A nice sweet treat with your personalized event and/or names will certainly impress your guests and create a cohesive feel for your gift bag.

Deck of Cards

Unique Royal Wedding Favors

It’s always fun to have a deck of cards sitting around! Almost everyone enjoys playing cards, so it can be a nice surprise to find a deck of cards in a gift bag. You could even choose a unique set to help them stand out, such as vintage cards or custom designs. Perhaps choose a fancy set, such as with gold foil touches or wedding-themed cards. Any of these would certainly stand out to your guests and they won’t find these cards anywhere else. What a fun way to remember your event!


Unique Royal Wedding Favors

Meghan & Harry included a fridge magnet in their gift bag, so why not add a magnet to your own? The key here would be to make sure it is a custom and unique magnet so it’s something your guests are happy to receive. Magnets can occasionally come off as tacky when they are generic, so choose something special. Perhaps a magnet such as this boat wheel would be cute to go along with a wedding!

Bottle Opener

Useful Royal Wedding Favors

Where is a bottle opener when you need one? They always seem to be missing, or hidden away in the dark recesses of the drawer you hardly open. To that effect, a bottle opener would be a surprisingly practical and well-received wedding favor! Nearly everyone could always use one, and something fun like these pineapple-designed bottle openers will come off as creative and original!

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I've been looking for some great wedding gift bag ideas. These are awesome suggestions for those of us trying to recreate the feel of the royal wedding and all the best ideas from it on a budget!!


I loved your idea of actually customizing the bag itself that the gift is coming in. Even if they were to get rid of it, we can still make it look how we want for the guests and in the pictures. This is such a great wedding gift bag idea!


The Royal Wedding really was captivating last year. I'm not surprised that a lot of people are modeling their wedding and gift bags after the royal couples style


I had no idea people would be selling the wedding bag favors from Megan Markle's wedding on eBay. To me that just seems wrong but hey I guess maybe they wanted inspiration for recreating it too