Brides Tell us: How to Announce Your Elopement

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Brides have been telling us for years: We wish we eloped. But how to announce your elopement isn't very clear. Brides don't just go out and yell: I ANNOUNCE ELOPEMENT! (Although some grooms probably would). So we spoke to 10 brides who recently eloped and they shared with us their elopement announcementideas.

First, why Elope?

The cost of hosting a wedding can be astronomical and some couple sopt to save that money and put a deposit on a house instead. There are many reasons for eloping, and it’s entirely up to the couple whether they sneak off and get married or not. It’s not as taboo as it once was to announce that you’re already married. Most relatives and friendswon't have hurt feelings. They've been patientwaiting this long for you to get married, they can be patienta little longer,. Even if you were originally planning on having a big wedding, you can still elope if you haven’t done much of the planning or given deposits yet.

So, how do you announce an elopement? 

Couples and brides tell give us a few tips . These aren't your obvious weddingannouncements, but there are some similarities. Think about your style. Are you very formal, fun and festive, or a little of both? If your personalities are more inclined to be spontaneous, your friendsand family probably will not be shocked if you announce you have eloped. If this is something totally out of character, it might require a little more detail on your part. You can do a formal card, or you can do a postcard!

Many couples choose to do a semi-elopement. This type of elopement includes the moms and dads of the bride and groomand maybe a sister or brother. It’s more of an acceptable thing to do in some families if you don’t leave out the closest family members. Your third cousin from upstate New York will have to understand that you just ran off, but your mother may never forget it if you exclude her.

If you are planning a semi-elopement, send out a simple announcement. Purchase a nice weddinginvitation pack from a card store or online. They can have a elopement announcementwording, or they can simply have typical weddinginvitation theme. Include wording in your hand written invite to just your closest friendsand family so they know that you’re having a simple elopement and that you couldn’t imagine it without them.

How do I tell everyone else about my elopement? 

Brides tell us, for the rest of the family and your friends, a letter announcing that you’re married is all you really need to send. Type it up on nice stationery (weddingannouncementwording is optional) and include some photos in the document. You can easily add photos by scanning them into your computer. Everyone will see that it was just the six of you (or however many) and they won’t feel so left out. If you'd like, social mediacan be a great place to make an elopement announcement. In our survey of 10 brides, only 3 of them made an elopement weddingannouncement via social media. It's ok. The elopement is your special day, not anyone else's.

Lessons Learned

Brides tell us: Don’t send a letter if you are planning on having a reception at a later date. This is where you will have to use some finesse. You don’t want it to appear that you excluded anyone from the reception, but you want guests to know they’re invited to share in the festivities. If you ran off to the beach you can word it something like this. “Megan and Robert invite you to share in their weddingreception. They were married in a private ceremonyat Laguna Beach on April 11th. They now wish to celebrate with their beloved family members and friendsat The Redwood Club….”

Brides tell us: You don’t have to go overboard with the explanations. Obviously, they will know that only a few people were invited to the actual ceremony no matter how you word it, so get that detail out of the way and then tell them how excited you are to share your good news and new future at a party with them.

Brides tell us:You can have your post-elopement wedding reception invitations printed just the same way you would your wedding invitations. The wording is the only thing that needs to be different.  You may want to include a casual photo of the wedding ceremony so people can get a look at your wedding day even if they weren’t there.

Brides tell us:Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed that you chose to elope and not invite everyone to a big ceremony. It’s your choice and you had the type of wedding you wanted. Just be sure to mail out your reception invitations a few days after your ceremony so people don’t feel too left out. They can look forward to and plan to attend your reception if you’re having one.  How you announce it is up to you.

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Been to a few post-elopement receptions. It seems more and more people are choosing to elope these days and save the money for their life together instead of one big day.