How to Make Your Own Personalized Wedding Favor Tags

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When you're hosting a wedding, you want everything to look perfect for your wedding guests. That includes your wedding favors. You can spend a lot on favors or a little. They can be custom or store bought gifts.personalized wine label design guide
Either way, your tags can be handmade and lovely. Consider giving your guests personalised gifts for an extra special touch. What you make your tags out of is entirely up to you. Consider printing favor labels from your computer or hand write them. You have many options.
First, choose a paper that will coordinate with your wedding colors and theme. You can choose an oak tag or a sheer vellum. Anything that you can write on will work. Look through the specialty papers at an art or crafting store. Scrapbooking sections often have marvelous paper choices. Get some inspiration. You can even use wrapping paper glued to tags you purchase at an office supply store! If you can write on it, you can use it. Look for metal tags or unusual surfaces like thin bark or natural elements. The more creative you are, the better.

Personalized Favor Tags

You'll also need a sturdy way to secure your tag to your favor. Raffia, yarn, threads, twist ties in bright wedding colors, fun and bendable craft items like pipe cleaners or wikki sticks will work too. Look through your crafting drawer or visit your craft store to get some more ideas. You can also adhere your tag to your favor with a removable glue dot or rubber cement.

Make personalized favor tags . It can be incorporated into the design of a box or you can print on fabric and make favor bags out of what you print. Craft stores sell sheets of fabric that will run through a printer. You can do just about anything with it. Think about what you'd actually like your tag to say. It can say simply your names and wedding date. Or you can write a thank you message to your guests. You might write something that relates to the favour inside. For instance, if your favor is a candle gift, you could write "Let the warm glow of love always shine." You can find something to say about any favor. 


When it comes time to actually sit down and make your tags, ask for help from your bridesmaids or mom and friends. People will be glad to help. Ask your friend with the loveliest hand writing to do the lettering, or print just the words from your computer and adhere them to the tag. Form an assembly line so you can get them all done quickly. Have one person make your own favor labelsglue on the sentiment, one cut the paper, one tie the tags on, etc. Tags can be any shape, size and color that you like. In fact, tying on a small branch or other unexpected element such as a mini candy cane for a winter wedding can really add a note of surprise and delight. Think outside the traditional. Other themes that brides consider are rustic wedding gift tags in the form of a stick attached to paper.

There are some favor ideas you haven't thought of that would go real well with custom tags:
Olive Oil glasses with personalized wedding favor tag.
S'more kits with a personalized wedding tag
Wedding Shower Favors - Since you're probably making favor tags for a smaller crowd, this is probably the easiest place to be the craftiest. We recommend cloth tags, with a marker to easily write each of your guests' names on the tag. It'll be the perfect touch for such a special occasion. Don't worry if you don't make it double-sided. There's no need to write on both sides of the wedding favor labels.
Potted Succulents - For this gift, where are you going to put the tag? We recommend getting string (craft string works best) and then getting a small mail label. On the label, with a special pen (only thing that costs money), like a Sharpie, you'll be able to write each name on it. It's a special touch for a unique gift you know will last a long time.
If you want to make your tags, you're probably the type of person who has a splash of creativity in them anyway. So think beyond what other brides might order from a catalog. Go with textural and whimsical elements. Adhere a silken bird or a glass bead. More DIY Wedding Ideas:

More DIY Wedding Ideas:

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Using avery label templates is a great way to make wedding favor stickers on your personal computer. Love those heart-shaped labels!


can someone send me the template for the heart tags so i can make them thanks


I don't have a template for those. You can purchase them here however: