10 Best Destination Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Appreciate

Perfect favors for destination wedding

Perfect favors for destination wedding

Your designation wedding offers you an opportunity to personalize wedding favors to the unique locale you have chosen for your dream nuptials. When putting together favor ideas for your wedding day, consider if you want to gift a memento to your wedding locale or if you want to give guests something to use while they are on vacation. Many couples decide to include destination wedding favors inside of the welcome bag to give guests gifts that will be useful for their trip or for the activities planned for the wedding.

We're here to help you find great wedding favor options without the help of a wedding planner. Here are 10 wedding favor ideas for your guests:

1. Edible wedding favors

destination wedding favor ideas
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Edible destination wedding favors can range to colorful Jordan almonds wrapped in toile to Mexican chocolate cake pops, depending on the location of your destination wedding. Including edible wedding favors is especially a fun treat if the treats inside are the same sort of flavor as your wedding cake. It could also be a specialty treat if your wedding destination area is famous for particular candy, cookies, or biscotti. Just bring the bags to your destination, pick up the yummy treats, and fill the bag. This will take a short amount of time and your wedding guests will love the personalized touch. They may even get peckish and dig into the favors during your wedding reception!

2. Bottle opener

Favor ideas for destination wedding

Why not give out bottle openers as destination wedding favors? These are practical and there are so many whimsical bottle openers available. There is surely one that will represent your destination wedding and will put a smile on your wedding guests' faces long after you have said your "I do's." The bottle opener should be reminiscent of some aspect of your destination—such as this pineapple bottle opener for a tropical destination wedding. Every time one of your wedding guests uses the bottle opener, they will be thinking of your special day and how great your destination was!

3. Bottle

Unique destination wedding favor ideas

Mini bottles of local alcohol are always a special treat for guests. Whether you choose tequila for a Mexican wedding or Ouzo for a Greek Island wedding, this wedding favor will be a delight for your guests. Look outside the box when picking out what sort of bottled alcohol to use as party favors. Bottles of beer to local microbreweries could be a fun option. Should your destination wedding be held at a vineyard, a half bottle of wine to the winery would be quite a treat.

4. Tote bags

Custom favor idea for destination wedding

Tote bags are not only the decorative carrier for some specialized treats, but can be the treat itself. Personalizing a canvas bag with a symbol of your destination or just your wedding date in numbers and periods such as "10.9.18" is something that guest will still want to carry around months after your wedding. Consider your destination location when picking out a bag—a beach bag at a winery wedding makes no sense, nor does a glitter bag at a forest wedding. Consider the destination, pick the fabric for the tote bag (keeping durability and quality in mind), and proceed to there.

5. Themed favors

Themed favors for destination weddings

What's a more perfect wedding favor for your destination wedding than a themed favor that will remind your guest of their wonderful experience for years to come? Consider your wedding theme; perhaps you have a travel themed wedding because you love to experience new places together, or maybe you are both gourmets and have chosen to wed at a vineyard. Your wedding theme can easily be translated into themed favors. If your destination wedding is in the mountains or winter, a beautiful and warm blanket could be a useful favor for years to come. Consider using all of your senses. Perhaps a handmade candle in a pine fragrance and cinnamon sticks and spices for cider for a forest destination wedding. Include a CD to the musician who performed during the appetizer course and you have created a serene moment for guests to enjoy after they are back home.

6. Luggage Tags

Popular destination wedding favors

You have invited your guests to a destination wedding, so luggage tag favors are an obvious and practical wedding favor. You could personalize each luggage tag with the name or initials of each of the wedding guests or use your initials, wedding date, or wedding hashtag. Another option is to put in a romantic travel together quote like "Let The Journey Begin." Luggage tags can be personalized to the wedding location by having colorful flora or fauna to the destination, a wine glass, or a beach ball icons depending on where the wedding is held.

7. Favor bags

Destination wedding favor bags

Think outside the box when creating favor bags (you can even consider this your own swag bag!) If you are including a luggage tag and airplane bottle opener favor, why not have a small suitcase cardboard box or tin filled with some small treats? Personalize wedding favor bags made of burlap with your wedding details and hashtag. Try to get a high-quality bag that people will use after the wedding to keep the memories of your big day alive.

8. Treats

Destination wedding dessert favor ideas

A mini cupcake made of the same flavors as your wedding cake and encased in its own container is a yummy and adorable treat. Not all treats are sweet. Small bags or boxes with mini bottles of ingredients for a Bloody Mary or a gin and tonic makes for a nice touch. You can make your own treats such as a BBQ spice rub or other destination appropriate take-home treat. Jerk chicken spices for a Jamaican setting or mini olive oil bottles or Limoncello for a Tuscan destination wedding are other great options.

9. Personalized Favors

Personalized Destination Wedding Favor Ideas

Anyone who has attended a destination meeting or incentive program knows how many personalized options are available for a destination wedding. From coasters to lip balm, there are many personalized ideas to remember your destination wedding. Before ordering your personalized items, think of how they will be used after the wedding. Guests will most likely use golf balls or flip-flops with your initials or wedding date and not your first names. Think about a destination motif, pick two colors associated with your destination, and start personalizing!

10. Knit hats

Favor ideas for winter destination wedding

If your wedding destination is at an ice hotel or other wintery destination, hand knit items add both a personal and practical touch. Whether you have a helpful bridal party that knows their loops to their purls, or if you should have a favorite handmade artisan who can create a large quantity of knitted wear, this is a fun gift.

Here's a fun take on one! Let us know if there are any ideas we missed.

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I loved your idea of doing a personalized or themed luggage tag as a favor for a destination wedding. It's so useful and you could totally make it relate to the destination!


It's a great budget idea. Highly recommend.


I've been struggling to find something suitable for a wedding that's colder for a good destination wedding favor and I think I'm going to go with the idea of knit hats, it's just perfect.


WE think it's a great idea too! You can get it customized in bulk as well.


The first idea is by far my favorite. Not only could you make the edible wedding favor related to the destination, you could also include a pun and personalize it that way


It's a Punny favor idea! 🙂